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How To Post Three Pictures On Instagram

How To Post Three Pictures On Instagram – Instagram is quickly becoming my favorite social media platform to engage with our audience. One of my favorite things to engage people, start conversations, and get people interested in Ivory mix is ​​to create a 3-part Instagram post that spans the breadth of my Instagram feed. Ever since I posted my first set of 3 photos, I’ve been getting messages and comments asking how I did it. So I decided to create a quick guide to creating a 3-part Instagram post to get people interested in your creation and engaging with you.

Giant Square is the FIRST app to create huge photos, panoramas and Instagram banners!

How To Post Three Pictures On Instagram

It also allows you to crop your photos on Instagram with our Square editor, which allows you to avoid panoramas when uploading to Instagram.

Foodbiota Three Instagram Story Template Graphic By Jelo Art · Creative Fabrica

With this app, you can crop your photo in 3×1, 3×2, 3×3, 3×4, 3×5 grid and upload directly to Instagram.

PhotoGrids app allows you to split your large rectangular photos (strip) into several square photos and upload them to Instagram and impress your friends and photo site visitors!

Another great option is to use the two apps together to create the Instagram Puzzle grids you may have seen. I dive into how to do this with a full tutorial.

Want to create a 3-part grid without an app? Try this free desktop software: PhotoScape or PhotoscapeX (Mac/Win10)

Instagram: Making Your Grid The Envy Of Everyone

The main feature you want is ‘Splitter’ – it helps you to cut your photo into pieces

Use your camera or to take or create a photo to post on Instagram. The image you choose should look good in a 3 x 1 ratio, that is, three times as wide as it is tall.

You want to crop the image to a 3 x 1 ratio using photo editing software on your laptop or desktop computer. I have been using PhotoScape for at least 5 years to edit all my photos. I am not affiliated with them in any way. I just noticed that a lot of the tools I need to add filters, crop, edit and more are in their software.

The 3 x 1 ratio I use all the time is 1000 x 333 pixels. Check out the screenshot below to see what I mean.

Can You Delete A Single Instagram Photo From A Post With Multiple Images

I’m not sure about other software and their ability to split, but PhotoScape has a great tool for this task.

Once the splitter opens, you need to add the image you just cut in a 3×1 ratio, then tell the splitter that you want to split this image into 3 different images of exactly the same width and height. image See the screenshot below to better understand what I mean.

The trick to 3-part Instagram posts is to upload 3 images in reverse order. Once you’ve saved each shared image to your computer, rename them in the order they were uploaded to minimize confusion. If you’re the type of person who schedules your Instagram posts a few days in advance, it helps to rename your image files in the order you upload them, so keep that in mind!

I’ve tried using Instagram recording apps, but I haven’t found one that I’m really happy with yet. That said, you can post your pictures and captions with hashtags and email links whenever you want (with your phone’s email client) on the day you want to upload them to Instagram. If I scheduled my posts for the week, I could send myself 7 emails.

What Does It Mean To Archive A Post On Instagram?

When it’s time to upload part 3 of your Instagram post, simply download the image from your email, then copy and paste the text for instant use.

Start uploading the images in the correct order. You want to publish them in order (one after the other). Remember to use the text you copied from the email to post each photo. I would encourage people to check out my profile for the full picture. This will help direct people to your entire Instagram feed, making them more likely to click Follow and like or comment on additional photos in your feed.

One of the best reasons to do a three-part Instagram post every few days is because it reveals new and engaged followers when they look at your feed. People seem to feel something when they see these and continue to comment and like your old 3-part posts after you post them.

First, be sure to read this blog post on how to create 30 days worth of Instagram content here and learn how to create a month’s worth of colorful content in just 5 minutes. And it doesn’t have to be complicated. This can be as simple as splitting a photo into 2 parts. The mesh will be more aesthetic in no time.

Zal Cleared His Instagram And Left Three (3) Posts…

You can use the Preview application to crop the image. It’s very simple and quick. And there are many different grid options to choose from.

Tip: Post each photo in the correct order. Start posting from the bottom right corner of the screen and move left and up.

Tip for captions: Do you want your followers to know that your post is part of a bigger picture? Comment on photos. For example, if you split your large photo into 3 images, you can write “1/3” or “1 of 3” in the title of the first split image.

Now that you know how to use Instagram Grid Splitter, let’s take a look at some creative Instagram grid ideas.

What Do The Different Symbols And Icons Mean In Instagram?

Perfect for creating excitement, posting photos, announcing products, launching a new campaign or launching a new Instagram page.

Split the image into 3 consecutive images (horizontally). You can also split the selection into 2 consecutive images.

Combine different grids to create your own unique feed. For example, I used 3 different grid categories for the feed below: “square”, “1 column” and “2 column”

Use the last two grid settings in Preview to divide the image into 12 or 15 smaller entries.

Instagram Insights: What Do They Mean?

Why 12 or 15 comments? Because it’s the perfect inbox to create a full-screen, full-screen feed effect.

Welcome! We use cookies to provide the best user experience on our website and to help improve our services. By continuing to use our website, you consent to the use of these cookies. According to the company, the new feature gives creators more flexibility to express themselves on their profiles. The official launch came when Instagram confirmed in April that it was testing the feature. Post-recording will be available globally to all users starting today.

You can pin a post by navigating to a specific photo or story, clicking the three dots in the top right corner, and selecting “Pin to Profile.” Once you do this, the post will appear at the top of your profile grid.

You love? You record it — Instagram (@instagram) June 7, 2022

Instagram Now Lets You Pin Up To Three Posts To Your Profile

“Your profile is your place, so we’re looking for more ways for you to control that experience,” Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri said in a video posted on his social channels about the new feature.

The ability to tag a specific post on your profile is a welcome feature for users who want to highlight their favorite posts that might be buried somewhere further back in their photo grid. This feature can also be useful for creators who post frequently but want to highlight a specific post. Currently, users have the option to put stories on their profile, but this new feature expands the possibilities of posts.

While previously you could highlight a post in your story and then link it to your profile, this new feature makes the process much easier and simpler. It’s worth noting that the new feature works in the same way as Twitter’s “Pin to Your Profile” feature and TikTok’s “Pinned Videos” option, which lets you pin content to the top of your profile.

Today’s announcement comes as Meta recently rolled out several features for Reels products on both Facebook and Instagram. Most notably, it introduced Audio Sync on Facebook reels and supported longer Instagram stories of up to 90 seconds, up from the previous 60-second limit. The company has also introduced a number of creative tools, audio tools, templates and other options to make stories more engaging.

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