How To Post Youtube Video On Instagram

How To Post Youtube Video On Instagram – When it comes to creating content, I’m a firm believer in making the most of your time and effort

Suddenly, the idea of ​​making a video doesn’t seem so daunting when you know how many people you can reach or serve with that video.

How To Post Youtube Video On Instagram

In this blog post, I want to focus on just one way to recreate your video. I would like to answer the question:

How To Link A Youtube Video To A Tiktok Post

There’s a standalone IGTV app you can download, but it integrates directly with your standard Instagram app. In fact, if you ever try to post a video longer than 1 minute to your Instagram feed, it will automatically become an IGTV post.

It will still appear in your ‘grid’ or your profile photo collection. You can still appear in your followers’ newsfeed when they scroll. But it’s also in a separate IGTV tab on your profile, like this:

The challenge we have when posting an IGTV video is that there are 3 different places where your audience can find the video, so we need to post it in 3 different places in a way that looks good:

I’ll give you the steps to post your video on IGTV so it looks great in all 3 places.

How To Share A Youtube Video To An Instagram Story

Before we start, I want to mention that this method is for video content:

We need to create a vertical “canvas” to place your video on, so that when viewed as an IGTV video, it takes up the entire mobile screen. Remember when I said earlier that there are 3 different places you can find your video on Instagram? We have to consider all 3.

Fortunately, I’ve created a free Canva IGTV template for you, you can click here, enter your details and I’ll email it to you.

Once you open the template in Canva, you can change all the elements. You can change the background colors, you can change the header color and font, make it completely your own.

How To Share A Youtube Video On Instagram?

Now you need to upload your video by clicking ‘Upload’ and ‘Upload Media’ on the left side. This may take some time depending on the size of the file and the speed of your internet connection. But once it’s loaded, drag it to the center of the template.

You will see that I designed the template with some curved lines. These serve as markers to show you where not to place text or other elements:

Once you’re satisfied with your design, click ‘Download’ on the top right and select Video MP4 as the file type.

Next, we need to design the IGTV cover image. This cover image is displayed in 2 different positions, so we need to rethink how we style it for multiple views. Luckily, I included it in my free template download. If you haven’t already, click here, enter your details and I’ll email you.

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Like any other template, once you open it in Canva, you can change all the elements. You can add your logo, change background colors, change shapes, you can change the header color and font – make it fit your own Instagram vibe and branding.

You should remember that only the center square will be displayed in your Instagram grid, so avoid adding elements outside of it. Also, the IGTV feed adds the number of views below the video name and cover image, so avoid this area as well:

Once you’re happy with your cover image, click ‘Download’ in the top right and select PNG as the file type.

After you post your IGTV video, I recommend sharing it to your Instagram Stories to get as many views as possible. Here’s how I do it:

Everything You Need To Know About Posting A Youtube Video On Instagram

Be the first to know about the latest social media news, tips, interesting internet finds and the latest updates I have to offer. Sharing content from YouTube to Instagram can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s how to share your YouTube video on Instagram in a few clicks.

Repurposing content doesn’t have to be challenging. It is an integral part of content distribution and can skyrocket your reach. But, a huge investment of time or money to convert a video to hire a video editor kills the motivation.

Well, you don’t have to. What if there was a way to share your YouTube video on Instagram with a few clicks?

You can invest the saved time and energy in more important things like creating more content or distributing it with a strong marketing strategy so it reaches a wider target market.

How To Share Videos To Instagram From Vimeo, Youtube, And More

In this article, we will explain the steps you need to take to share a YouTube video to Instagram without any hassle. This tutorial will save you time and make the process more efficient, allowing you to share your awesome content faster. Let’s dive in!

Step 1 – Copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to share Step 2 – Go and paste the URL of the YouTube video you want to download Step 3 – Edit your YouTube video for Instagram Step 4 – Click Export and download your video – voila !

If you go out of your way to share your YouTube videos on Instagram, you have a very good reason. We’ll talk about how to do this later in this article, but first let’s define the “why”.

Repurposing your videos will certainly cross-promote content and broaden your reach through more engagement on Instagram, but do you have a specific purpose for it?

How To Post Video From Youtube To Instagram

If you’ve been creating videos on YouTube for a while, you have a library full of content your audience on Instagram hasn’t seen.

You can choose videos of common themes from your YouTube channel and compile them to create a single video to share on Instagram.

As a best practice, make sure you don’t mix videos out of context – compile them with a common theme or angle. This will make the audience relate to it and pay more attention to your content on YouTube.

This compilation can be a trip down memory lane, your YouTube content creation journey, a roundup of your best videos to date, etc.

How To Share Youtube Videos On Instagram Post Or Story

Converting YouTube videos to IGTV is a great option because the video URL in the title is clickable

Content repurposing, the practice of modifying a piece of content into another format, is a key aspect of content marketing. This brings you closer to your original content and gives your audience a glimpse of interesting content that may not be available on another platform. Plus, it takes the stress out of creating original content from scratch every time.

The best thing about repurposing is that you can get multiple contents from a single long-form piece.

It helps you deliver new content to your audience on Instagram, ensure consistency in posting, and find new uses for existing content.

How To Upload A Video From Youtube To Instagram: 8 Steps

These YouTube and Instagram influencers do an amazing job of turning YouTube content into Instagram teasers and repurposed posts. From left to right in the photo

Since YouTube videos are so long, you can create a trailer and post it on Instagram in a short format like reels or news posts. This gives your audience a sneak peek of your new video, sparking curiosity and driving traffic to the original video on YouTube.

You can release this sneak peek a few days before the YouTube video to build excitement and curiosity among your audience. This increases speed and when you post, ultimately increases your reach.

In addition to your content, you can also promote other people’s content on your Instagram profile; They can be your business partners, community members or affiliate videos. If you publish it as a feed post, you can also run promotions to get more people to visit your YouTube channel.

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When sharing videos from YouTube to Instagram, make sure you’re posting content that only you have permission to use. Even if it’s someone else’s content, such as a partner or affiliate, get the content owner’s written permission to use it to avoid copyright issues.

Sharing content from YouTube to Instagram has never been easier. There are some hurdles as Instagram doesn’t support links much and you can’t post the same video from YouTube due to duration restrictions.

But what if there was an easy process to seamlessly resume and reuse video in minutes?

In the following steps, we’ll teach you how to download and edit a YouTube video so that it’s ready to post on Instagram using just one tool.

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Open the YouTube video you want to repurpose for Instagram and copy the URL from the taskbar by pressing “ctrl + c” on your keyboard.

Make sure to only use your own videos or videos that you have permission to use, such as your clients

It’s important to know what kind of content you want to post so you can resize the video to make it platform-ready.

Just click “Export” and then download

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