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How To Promote Your Youtube Gaming Channel


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How To Promote Your Youtube Gaming Channel

When you think of being a successful full-time YouTuber, you probably think of big name channels with over a million subscribers.

How To Make Money On Youtube

But if your definition of success is more about life than the amount of time you spend on YouTube every week, this goal is more relevant than you think.

Especially when you consider all the options for making money on a video website with 2.4 billion users (a quarter of the world’s population).

Let us guide you step by step on how to become a profitable and (more importantly) sustainable YouTuber. If you want to learn about YouTube through YouTube videos, we have you covered 👇🏾

According to a head-to-head estimate from the Ther/YouTubers subreddit, YouTubers spend anywhere from a day to 20 hours a week on their YouTube channel, especially if you take everything into account. From writing to recording to designing thumbnails and more. .

Starting A Youtube Gaming Channel In 2022: 11 Killer Tips

If you’re putting out at least one new video a week to keep up with your paycheck, like most YouTube creators do, you need to adjust your goals or you could run out.

As they say: if you are for everyone, you are for no one. Choose the specific audience you want to serve, and you will not only feel connected, but also feel confident that you can create great content.

You can build a significant following with a more specific audience and have an easier time promoting your content and creating original content.

Don’t believe me? YouTube channels with tens of thousands of subscribers exist mainly around the sandbox survival game Minecraft.

Youtube Launches @handles For Channels, Providing Another Way To Promote Your Youtube Presence

Remember that the audience you choose will have some influence on how easily you can make money on your YouTube channel, but there are enough options to make money on YouTube that it should not be the only reason for your decision.

Problem? Write down common interests, lifestyles, skills, hobbies, or interests that you have in common, and see how you can move to a specific level:

Successful YouTube channels have one thing in common: they make a one-sided promise to viewers that makes viewers decide to subscribe and keeps customers coming back for more.

It is a promise of value to the viewer, and that value can be educational, informative, interesting, or entertaining in nature. Whether it’s teaching them new skills, giving them honest product reviews, or making them laugh.

How The Black Girl Gamers Community Became A Lifeline

While every serious YouTuber should respect their audience, you need to define what you want from your YouTube channel.

Some may say don’t think about money first, but you should consider your payment options, as this will help you build your YouTube channel’s base and direction.

Jessica McCabe, for example, started her YouTube channel, How to Get ADHD, “as a place to keep all the tips she’s learned about living with ADHD.” Although her goal was not to make money in the first place, she has built a loyal community as a result.

Return to the channel and let this be your strength if you are trying to find inspiration or motivation for your next video.

Youtube Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

Every [cadence], I deliver [value] to [specific audience] so I can [receive value]. The channel name is [YouTube Channel Name].

Every Sunday, I share work-from-home and home-office setup tips for remote workers to stay productive and earn an extra $1,000 a month. My channel is called “WFHomies”.

For example, the YouTube group Yes Theory makes videos of themselves doing things outside of their comfort zones (like flipping coins and managing their 24-hour lives) to encourage others to do the same.

So their production process is so intense, with production planning, shooting and editing happening months in advance, they can release multiple videos every week.

This Guy Makes Millions Playing Video Games On Youtube

Matt Deger from Yes Theory spoke with me a while ago to share his journey from a YouTube group from two hundred subscribers to 300,000. That was in 2017 and today the channel has more than seven million subscribers.

Even the biggest YouTubers started small. But rest assured, you don’t have to be a senior to travel full time.

You may have a solid foundation to start your YouTuber career, but it’s a solid production process that shows you how to deliver video after video as you grow your audience.

However, Dodger said that hating the cameras won’t do them any good if they don’t know the story they want. “People don’t care if you don’t tell the story,” Tager said. But if the story you want to tell requires good equipment, you can Google to find cheap cameras and microphones that you can use.

Social Media For Gamers: 8 Ways To Level Up Your Marketing

So if you don’t need a top of the line camera to bring your vision to life (and chances are, you can’t), you can skip it or reconsider it later and put some money into something else. Enhance your professional video: A powerful microphone.

Trying to create an entire YouTube video from start to finish in one day, even for simple ideas.

Instead, what most YouTubers do is set aside a day for each time period to avoid the cost of climate change.

However, if you want to release multiple videos in one week, you can work on multiple scripts in one day, record multiple videos in one day, edit multiple videos in one day, etc. Go to the top of your video timeline. . several weeks

Youtube Banner Ideas And Examples To Inspire You

As you watch each video, over time you’ll end up building prototypes, finding tools, automating or outsourcing projects, and learning techniques to save you time.

We recommend setting up a production management tool to track your production and maintain video feedback data. Trail and View are popular free options.

Both Trello and Notion offer free video production templates like the one above to get you started.

Shooting is a hobby for many YouTubers. Whether you’re a travel vlogger chronicling a world tour, a comedian doing YouTube sketches, or a regular YouTuber at your desk, the following tips will help make your videos look professional:

Ways To Promote Your Youtube Channel For More Views

Editing is the unsung hero of videos and YouTubers spend a lot of time and effort on it.

YouTube has its own editor to help you get started, but there are many free video editing tools that have unique features.

The choice of editing software depends on your needs. Info, for example, is great for podcasts because it creates a copy of your video that you can add to your slideshow.

Editing is a waste of time, and for many YouTubers, it’s the first job they go through to get their time.

The Ultimate Guide To Starting A Youtube Channel

If editing isn’t your strong suit, if it’s just shooting and having fun, find someone who can edit and learn how to edit without wasting eight or more hours of your day. Unless you really want to learn how to edit. Matt Tager, Yes Theory

Tip: Edit and export your YouTube video using the 16:9 aspect ratio to avoid black on both sides, or 9:16 if you’re printing for a YouTube clip.

Not an artist? You can use Canva to create your own YouTube channel logo with tons of templates to get you started.

You can see how Yolanda Kumbo’s logo for Cake ties all these visuals together, from the header to the thumbnails.

How To Make Your Own Youtube Gaming Logo (with Gaming Logo Design Examples)

For this guide, we will skip the steps of setting up your main channel. But you can check out this step-by-step guide that we have created to help you in this direction.

Being any kind of creator goes beyond creating. You want your audience to consume your content, which is why it’s important to immerse yourself in the next steps.

It’s a flexible process—ask your audience and analyze future video creations. But you need to go with your video and find yourself as an audience first.

There are many fields and settings that you need to complete before displaying your video. Some of these play an important role in making your video reachable while it’s live.

Meet Payal Dhaare One Of India’s Biggest Youtube Women Gamers

You can cross your fingers and leave the fate of your video to the YouTube algorithm, and there are many ways to get viewers and subscribers:

Create a post-release playbook to promote your YouTube videos so you can create your next video faster.

While generating great numbers is good, there are two important feedback signals that can help you align YouTube with your goal of keeping people on their platform as long as possible. :

By figuring out how to produce videos that improve these metrics, you increase the value of YouTube’s recommendation engine.

How I Went From 0 To 70k Subscribers On Youtube In 1 Year

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