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How To Promote Youtube Channel For Free

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If you’ve started a YouTube channel where you expect to just post content and get a flood of followers without having to do anything else, we have something to say. Simply creating and publishing content — even high-quality content — is not enough. To really get your YouTube channel off the ground, you need to promote it. Don’t worry, promoting a YouTube channel doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, in this article we will teach you how to promote your YouTube channel for free.

How To Promote Youtube Channel For Free

Every minute, 500 hours of new content is uploaded to YouTube (Statista). That’s 12,000 hours of new content every day. Your three-minute video has a lot of competition! Without advertising, your YouTube content, no matter how good it is, will never get the views it deserves. Luckily, with the free YouTube channel promotion tips and ideas we’ve included here, you can bring your content out from the depths of YouTube anonymity and get more views and followers. Don’t have a YouTube channel yet? Learn how to create a successful YouTube channel, then come back and learn how to promote it!

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You can also use our free AI-powered YouTube title generator to get YouTube title ideas for your next video, just click below to try it out:

YouTube, like other social media platforms, is constantly changing. While YouTube was cool when it first started gaining popularity, it’s not exactly what you’ll find on the platform these days. Don’t get us wrong, YouTube’s collection of funny pet videos is growing every day. However, in recent years, YouTube has become a go-to place for businesses, brands, marketers and influencers.

With 62% of businesses using YouTube to promote their content (buffer), it’s clear that YouTube is a great addition to any marketing strategy. However, to use it effectively, you need to pay attention to your videos and channel subscribers without spending a lot of money. That is why it is very important to know how to promote your YouTube channel for free. To that end, here are eight free ways to promote your YouTube channel.

Yes, we know we just told you that the best content in the world won’t help if no one sees it. However, the flip side of this is that no one will watch content that is not good. So, if you want to successfully promote your YouTube channel, you need to fill it with content worth promoting. Otherwise, you’ll end up creating bad content on YouTube that people watch once, never subscribe to, and never engage with.

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SEO is the easiest way to promote your YouTube channel for free. YouTube is not only a video-based social media platform, it is also the second largest search engine in the world after Google, with billions of searches performed on the platform every month. To make sure your content gets found on the platform, you should use YouTube SEO to use the right keywords in your titles, video descriptions, and tags.

To find the right keywords for your YouTube content, start with your topic. You can enter a topic in the YouTube search bar and use auto-suggestions to guide your keyword selection. There are also thousands of YouTube SEO tools that help you find the keywords your target audience is searching for so you can create the right content and optimize it for search.

Once you’ve chosen your desired keyword, use it in the title of your video, ideally at the beginning of the title. The title of your video is what viewers see first, so you need to create a video title that is catchy and naturally includes your keyword. Remember that Google automatically truncates your video title to 66 characters in search results, so it’s best to use a title that fits this limit.

Your YouTube video description is very important for your content to appear in YouTube and Google search results. To write the best YouTube video descriptions, consider what information you want to share with your viewers about your video. Include your target keyword and related keywords in your video description to make sure you’re using SEO. We also recommend linking to related content that you also own (for example, a link to a blog post on the same topic).

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Tags quickly tell YouTube’s algorithm what your video is about. Make your tags relevant to your brand and content – ​​don’t include irrelevant tags in hopes of ranking better. Maybe at first, but as viewers move away from your content, YouTube’s algorithm will adjust your ranking accordingly. YouTube, after all, wants to keep people on its site. If your content keeps them engaged, your content won’t rank high.

One of the benefits of creating YouTube content is that it helps you establish yourself as an authority in your field and industry. People will start looking for you because of your knowledge. You can keep them engaged by building a community. Building a YouTube community doesn’t have to be complicated. A great way to start is to simply interact with your viewers when they comment on your videos, share other interesting information, and always add value to their lives. You can even set up a community section on the platform:

Don’t be afraid to collaborate with other YouTube creators and YouTube influencers. This type of cross-promotion is mutually beneficial and works well to expand your reach. Collaboration is simple: two or more YouTubers work together to create a unique video for each of their channels. To make this happen, start by finding another YouTube personality with an overlapping audience. Then reach out and build your goal.

Hosting contests is one of our favorite ways to promote your YouTube channel for free. Contests get a lot of attention and, if done right, can get you more YouTube subscribers without artificially inflating your subscriber count with people who are just there for the contest and aren’t really interested in your brand or content.

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We recommend offering something close to your niche to keep those who aren’t really interested. Regardless of your niche, you should be able to find something exciting to give as a gift. For example, if you are a life coach, you could treat yourself to a free goal setting session or even a month of weekly life coaching sessions. The higher the value of the prize, the more interested you will be.

Don’t forget to run this contest to attract more subscribers to your channel. Be sure to include your channel membership as one of the entry criteria!

In addition to a presence on YouTube, you should also have profiles on other social media platforms. Don’t worry, we don’t mean all of them. Choose only the platforms where your audience is most present. Facebook and Instagram are still two of the most popular social media platforms, so in this section we will share ways you can promote your YouTube channel on these platforms for free.

Facebook has more than 2.8 billion active users. Even though Facebook’s users are getting older, it still has a reach that won’t go away. You can easily share your YouTube videos directly from YouTube to Facebook by pressing the share button. However, like most social media platforms, Facebook rewards original content. Instead of simply sharing your YouTube video on Facebook, take the time to create a clever teaser or video that you can post on Facebook and link to YouTube for the full video.

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Instagram has more than one billion monthly active users, 60% of whom are between the ages of 13 and 34. To promote your YouTube channel on Instagram for free, here’s what you want to do:

Any user can add a business or creative account to Instagram. Just go to your profile settings, select Account and select Add New Professional Account. It unlocks professional tools like analytics that take us to the next step.

Your Instagram analytics will give you insight into the performance of your content and audience. You can use this information to learn more about what your followers like so you can create and post more of that content.

If you want to promote your YouTube channel on Instagram, you need to maintain an active presence on the platform. This means posting on Instagram regularly and posting on Instagram at the right time. Instead of sharing links to your YouTube content, engage your audience with images, Instagram stories and loops.

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IGTV is Instagram’s native video platform. If you want to promote your YouTube channel on Instagram, IGTV is a great way to do it. You can create teaser videos to introduce your YouTube channel and content before you send people to your YouTube channel (i.e. “download the rest”

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