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How To Put A Spotify Song On Instagram Story

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Instagram stories are easy to create, but if you want to make them really interesting, it takes a lot of thought. Fortunately, Instagram offers a number of tools to help you make your stories as interesting as possible.

How To Put A Spotify Song On Instagram Story

You may have great photos or videos, as well as great filters and stickers, but your story is still missing one important factor – music. Instagram offers a selection of tunes from its library and favorite music streaming services such as Spotify (opens in a new window), SoundCloud (opens in a new window) and Shazam. Here’s everything you need to know about music and Instagram.

How To Embed Spotify’s Play Button — Spotify

You can add music directly to your story using the Instagram library. Tap the plus (+) icon at the top of the app, then scroll to Events in the bottom navigation bar. You can also long press your story and tap Add to story or swipe right to open the camera and select your story after taking a photo or video.

Take a photo or video on the camera screen. You can swipe up to see your photo library and then choose what you want to add. Apply the filters or special effects you want. When you’re ready to add music to your story, tap the sticker icon, then tap the music sticker.

Browse through different sections and genres to find a tune on the music screen. You can also use the search box at the top of the screen to search for specific music by song, artist or album. Find a song you like? Tap Play to listen to a short clip.

When you’re ready to select, tap any song in your story. You can navigate through the song and decide which sound clip (up to 15 seconds) should play over your story. Move the slider until you find the section you want to add.

How To Share Spotify Music On An Instagram Story

Some songs offer multiple images to choose from, so tap the music thumbnail to change the image. Some even offer lyrics that appear on the screen while the music plays. When you’re happy with your photo selection, tap Done and the song will be added to your story as a sticker.

After you finish selecting music, the song will appear as a sticker in your story. You can move the sticker around the screen with your finger and choose where it will be placed in your story. Pinch or spread with two fingers to resize the sticker. Use two fingers and rotate to change the direction of the sticker.

Don’t like how your sticker looks? Double-tap the sticker to return to the previous screen where you can change its appearance. Tap Done to return to your story.

If you record a video, you can do even more with your sticker before you publish your story. Hold it down to attach a sticker to a specific person or object in the video. This means that the sticker will move along with the object as it moves in the video.

Music From Pandora Can Now Be Shared In Instagram Stories

Once you’ve uploaded your music, tap the Story icon to publish your story with music. Or, if you only want certain people to see it, you can tap Close Friends to send it to a group of individuals, or tap the Send button to choose which users receive it.

To view your history, tap the History icon. Your story will appear while the music plays automatically. Tapping on the song tag will pause the music and a window will appear at the bottom where you can save the music or send it to another person on Instagram. Your followers can watch your story and play your music in the same way.

You can add music to your Instagram story by downloading it from the Spotify app. While the song is playing in Spotify, tap the ellipsis icon and select the Share option. Tap on Instagram and you’ll be taken to your Instagram story, where the selected song will appear with its cover art. You can add text, stickers and other effects to your story. Tap the Your Story icon to post a story with a song of your choice.

Once your story is published, it will serve as a link back to Spotify. Tap the Your Instagram Story icon to view it. Anyone watching your story can tap play on Spotify and then open Spotify to play the song in the app.

How To Add Music To An Instagram Story: A Step By Step Guide

Share a song to your Instagram story from the SoundCloud app by selecting the song and choosing Share. Select Stories to import the song and associated photo to Instagram.

When the story is published, it will serve as a link to the song on SoundCloud. View the story, tap Play on SoundCloud, then select Open SoundCloud to open the song in the app.

Although Shazam is primarily used to analyze and identify the songs you’re listening to, you can also get the app to play music and send it to Instagram. Open the app and let it recognize the currently playing song.

Tap a song in Shazam, then tap More and Share. Tap the Instagram option to send the song and its cover to the Instagram app. After the event has been posted, you can return to the Shazam app via Instagram. To do this, open an Instagram story and tap the Open Shazam button to play the song in the app.

Instagram Story Spotify Trend Template

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Spotify makes it easy to add your favorite songs to your Instagram stories on iPhone without an additional app. Your Instagram followers can preview a song you post on Insta Stories. If they like it, they can tap the direct link and listen to the full song in the Spotify app on their phone. So let’s see how to do it!

Can You Add A Song From An Instagram Story To Spotify? Wouldn’t It Be Nice If You Could Click On The Song And Add It To A Playlist? Is This A Thing?

The song has been successfully uploaded to your Instagram story. Your friends can listen to the song you shared by tapping the Play> button on Spotify.

I hope this short guide was helpful. You can add a song to an Instagram story not only from the now playing screen, but even from the album view or anywhere in the Spotify app if you see the share button.

Before you rush to play your favorite song on your Insta Story, check out the best Spotify alternatives.

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How To Share Songs On Instagram Stories (through Spotify Or With Sound)

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Solved: I Can’t Share Music In Instagram Stories

You can easily add Spotify music to your Instagram story to share your favorite music with your followers. Reuters

Even if your friends don’t use Spotify, if you share your favorite songs on Instagram, they can see what you’re listening to.

Spotify merged with the social media app in 2018, achieving a seamless integration. Thanks to this update, you don’t need to take a screenshot of your favorite song to share it. You can post a stylized review instead

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