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How To Put An Ad On Craigslist

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How To Put An Ad On Craigslist

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Reason Why Your Craigslist Ads Flagged Immediately And Solutions

When I was in college, I always wanted to earn some extra money to fund my Starbucks addiction.

Because of this, one of my favorite sites is Craigslist. No need to set up an account, you can sell anything, and unless you’re selling cars or services, there’s virtually no fee to sell on Craigslist.

Despite the growth of Facebook Marketplace and other marketplaces, Craigslist still averages 50 billion page views per month.

If you want to make money selling your home or selling it on Craigslist, you need to know how to sell it.

Craigslist Customer Service Complaints Department

If you’ve purchased anything through the site, you know that posting on Craigslist is key. Many sellers skip the basic steps that limit the reach of their posts and the speed at which they sell their products. If you follow all the steps, you will have an advantage over those who don’t.

If you want to sell fast on Craigslist, you need to start listing at a competitive price. You can get an idea of ​​how much someone will pay for your purchase by searching other sites to see what someone has sold recently.

EBay allows you to do this with “sold items” and “completed items” filters, and the Facebook Marketplace will show when the price of an item has been reduced.

If you don’t want to sell quickly, price your item higher so you have a chance to negotiate. Craigslist buyers are used to bargaining, so add an extra $5 or $10 for low-priced items and 10% for more expensive items.

Is Craigslist A Good Place To Look For Jobs?

You can add up to 12 photos to your Craigslist listing, and you should use as many photos as possible. The first image is the main image and should show the most interesting aspect of the product. In addition to the photos from all angles, here are some more shots to take:

You don’t need a great camera to take great photos. Take photos in natural light, remove any distortion in the frame and make sure the background contrasts with the elements.

First, your post name should be spelled correctly to be easily found in search. This is the first thing a buyer sees, so think about their search terms and use them in your subject line. The description is where you can get more specific.

Keep your description short but informative; Use bullet points and short sentences. First, list all the important information, such as size, make, model, serial number, how old, any pets in the house, defects, etc. Craigslist listings are not commercial, but potential buyers may contact you. quickly understand your list.

What Do I Do If Someone Posted My Phone Number On Craigslist?

Also, state why you’re selling the item. Whether you’re downsizing, upgrading, or moving, buyers will trust you more if they know why you’re giving up. They want to know if you are selling it for any defect or defect, or if you no longer want or need it.

In addition to writing a good description, you should be as specific as possible when choosing your shopping category. Buyers will often only search within specific categories, and if your product is in a more general category, buyers may have a hard time finding your listing.

Once your post comes out, you need a way to communicate with potential buyers. You can use your personal email or phone number, but Craigslist recommends using a two-way mailing service for communication. If you use this, email replies will be blocked for sellers and buyers to reduce fraud and spam.

If you want to communicate via text, you can keep your phone number safe by signing up for a free Google Voice account.

Can You Really Make Money Posting Ads On Craigslist?

Unfortunately, scams on Craigslist have become all too common. Scammers spend a lot of time creating fake identities and documents to steal your goods and money.

If you want to know how to fraudulently sell on Craigslist, always keep an eye out for deals that look really good. Some of these common scams are:

You can avoid being scammed by Craigslist by dealing with people, accepting cash only, and never giving out your financial information to strangers. When you receive the cash, make sure it’s real. If you’re selling something big like a car, try to meet at a bank or ATM so you can see the person withdrawing real money.

Never give your home address to a client and never agree to go to someone else’s home alone. When selling electronics or items that aren’t big enough to carry around, meet in a public place during the day.

Somebody Just Put Yahoo Up For Sale On Craigslist

The police station is a SafeTrade station, and Starbucks is full of pedestrians. If you need to meet at night, the store has late hours, bright lights in the parking lot, and security just like Walmart. For items that are too big to bring from home, bring one so you don’t have to carry them.

Success on Craigslist doesn’t end with a good listing. Here are some other Craigslist selling tips that will help you ship your items faster and make more money.

If there is a collection of similar items, they sometimes outsell them individually. This is especially true for baby items. Working parents are more likely to buy clothes and toys “in bulk” for a certain age group rather than buying them all individually.

It also works with large objects. Thrifty Friend Podcast host Jillian Sirianni refurbished the furniture and sold it on Craigslist.

Isis Posts A Craigslist Ad For Someone To Make Them Their Own Twitter

“If I show a chair or a side table, I see it as not going to sell,” says Sirianni. “But if I sell a pair of tables or four chairs, they’ll sell more easily.”

Marketing platforms have a unique audience, so it’s important to list as many of your products as possible. If you can figure out how to sell on Craigslist, other sites are no different.

Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Shopping Groups, and OfferUp are other places to list your products. Most Craigslist listings last for 45 days, but listings on other sites don’t expire, so take advantage.

If it’s been a week or two and you haven’t received any offers, it’s time to drop the price. If you have set your purchase price with the intention of negotiating, try to reduce the amount you are willing to pay and wait for the price to drop a bit.

A 6 Step Guide To Selling On Craigslist (2021 Edition)

This is more common when selling used furniture or other large and expensive items. Don’t be afraid to give discounts to sell your items.

Buyers on Craigslist are often looking for a specific item and need it right now. If you don’t respond quickly, they will most likely buy the same item from another seller.

Once your listing appears, drive traffic to it. Share your list on social media and ask your friends and family to share. You can also post on relevant discussion boards, such as your neighbor’s Facebook group or

If you want to ship your product, try placing your ad in a different state. Avoid copying and pasting listings, as it looks like spam to Craigslist. Change it up a bit and repeat that you’re sending the item.

Here’s Why Craigslist Still Looks The Same After 25+ Years

Items on Craigslist are listed in the order they were posted. If you list popular items, you will update the list more often. Craigslist allows you to repost your ad 48 hours after it comes online, place it at the top of your catalog, and expand it to a new set of buyers.

Craigslist can be a low-tech site that can make you a quick buck, especially if you have a flexible schedule and don’t mind meeting people in person.

One of the best tips for selling on Craigslist is to start with things you already have or free and cheap things you can find. Here’s how you can get started

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