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How To Put Subscribe Button On Youtube

How To Put Subscribe Button On Youtube – Dosto agr aap ek youtube channel chalate hai to ye post apke liye bahut important hai. Kyuki aaj ki iss post me, mai apko batane ja raha hu ke aap apne YouTube Video me Subscribe Button kaise lga sakte hai.

Youtube subscribe button lagane see apke visitors apke channel ko bahut aasani se Subscribe kr sakte hai orr ek baar delay subscribe button Jane ke baad apke Channel ke sabhi videos me vo button auto delay jayega. Iss Subscribe Button ko apne channel me add krna bahut aasan hai uske liye apko niche likhe Steps ko follow krna hai.

How To Put Subscribe Button On Youtube

Step 1: Sabse pehle apko apne my YouTube channel login krna hai or uske baad apko Right Side me bane Apne YouTube channel ke icon pr click krna hai or phr apko Creator Studio to click krna hai.

Animated Youtube Subscribe Button Template

Step 2: Ab apko Channel pr click krna hai or uske baad branding pr click krna hai. Jaise hi aap Branding per click karge with him apko samne ek option aayega add watermark to apko uss per click krna hai.

Step 3: Ab Apke apke Samne ek New Pop Up open ho jayega or apko yaha ek option milaga click File for apko yaha option krna hai or share to a photo select krna hai or phr save click krna hai. Dhyan rahe ke apk photo PNG ya GIF me ho or usa size 1MB se jayada na ho.

Step 4: Ab YouTube apko dikhayega ke apka Subscribe Button kaisa dikh raha hai. Click Too apko Save pr krna hai. You are here: Home / YouTube How To / How to Add Subscribe button to YouTube Video (2022)

YouTube is a place to create valuable video content, find an audience and make money. To build your YouTube channel, you need to focus a lot on your subscriber base.

How To Add Subscribe Button And Watermark On Youtube Videos?

The more authors you have, the more views you get, the more views you get and the more money you make from your YouTube channel.

To get more subscribers, there are some YouTube SEO tips that you should be aware of. But one of the easiest steps is to add a watermark registration button.

So in this post I will explain a step by step guide on how to add a subscribe button to a YouTube video in 2022.

First of all, you need to have an image of a registration button to use. For this, I recommend that you don’t download it directly from Google or someone else’s build.

Subscribe To My Youtube Channel

To overcome it, download the image below. Will not claim any copyright issues. You can use it freely.

All the details mentioned above are covered by the image I shared earlier. So if you have your own image on the registration button, verify it. Otherwise, use what I shared above.

Another way is to use your channel logo as a watermark signup button. Check out DUSTChannel for example. One of the best ways to attract a large audience.

But if you want to go for a better image, you can create your own hand-drawn image using a free graphic design tool called Canva.

How To Add Youtube Subscribe Button In WordPress?

Once you’ve chosen an image, it’s time to choose when the registration button image will appear. Basically, YouTube offers three options.

I recommend using the last option (All videos). This option gives better conversion rate than others. When everything is ready, click the publish button.

Sometimes it takes 48 hours or less to add a watermark button to YouTube videos. So don’t worry why it doesn’t upload your videos instantly.

But currently I don’t see any option to add mobile registration button. I doubt it can be accessed using a mobile browser.

Youtube Subscribe Button Ko Blog Me Kaise Add Kare

If you are reading this paragraph, you might want to increase the number of subscribers. In my previous blog post, I talked about 12+ proven tips to increase YouTube subscribers.

You can use graphic design tools like Canva to create your button image. Otherwise, download the image that I provided in the chapters above.

As a result, you can add a subscribe button to your YouTube videos one step ahead of growing your channel. After installation you will get better results. If you want to learn more from YouTube, visit it regularly and try to read an article every day.

Blog creators and YouTube speakers everywhere. My blogs will be more about me than what I say here. If you’ve created a YouTube channel to support your website, adding a subscribe button to WordPress is a great way to build your audience. Follow these steps to add a YouTube subscribe button to your WordPress site.

How To Embed A Youtube Subscribe Button On WordPress

You’ve probably seen YouTube subscribe buttons before. It’s a simple click to subscribe to a YouTube channel from a third-party website. Actual YouTube subscribe buttons usually look good.

However, this simple approach can work to your advantage as it means it is compatible with any web design. Meanwhile, a bold red color ensures it still stands out, as does the Call To Action (CTA). This is great news because it means you can add a YouTube subscribe button next to your social media icons on your website.

Using a YouTube subscribe button on your website is a smart way to increase the number of subscribers without driving people away from your website. This is especially useful if you have already uploaded videos to your website. It also makes it easy to promote your channel outside of YouTube itself.

If you have a YouTube channel, you can click the subscribe button on your website using a widget, in the main menu or wherever you want. Let’s talk about how we can do this.

How To Add Youtube Subscribe Button In WordPress

For this process, we manually create the YouTube subscribe button and add it to the website. Before proceeding, you must definitely create a YouTube account along with your channel ID.

If you’re not familiar with the Google Creators site, it’s time for a change. Google Developers is where the search giant shares tools for web developers. There you can find information about upcoming technology events, news, and a collection of tools to help you build and monetize web applications.

The tool we will use today is a tool that allows us to create our own YouTube subscribe button. To find it, you can go to the product information page on Google’s developer site and look for the YouTube Subscribe button option:

Now click on that link and look for Customize Button option on the left side of the next page. You will now see a form where you can edit your button. Start by entering your channel ID or name. After this, the remaining options allow you to change the appearance of the button. You can choose the layout, theme and choose to show or hide your subscription number.

How To Add A Subscribe Button On Youtube

Let’s take a look at some of these types of buttons you can create. In the last example, you saw a small default shape. Here’s the full option, which might be a bit big for a navigation menu, but might be fine for a sidebar: There’s also a dark theme you can use, but it only shows full-size when you test.

This option can be very suitable for the dark leg area. As always, the choice of how to style the element is yours! It’s also important to remember that you can create multiple buttons for different parts of your website.

When you’re ready to style, you can choose whether or not to display your number of authors. Generally speaking, there are no right or wrong choices here. For example, you might want to hide your subscription amount if it’s still low, or you want the button to be plain. But if you already have a lot of subscribers, showing this can be a subtle selling point in itself.

Finally, if you’re happy with your setup, look at the Code section. Inside you’ll find a snippet that you’ll need to add to your website to display the YouTube subscribe button: in the next step, we’ll look at how to add that code to your website!

Youtube Subscribe Button Ko Apne Blog Me Kaise Add Kare

Another way you can use this snippet on your website is to go to the Appearance > Widgets tab in your WordPress dashboard. Here you can see the custom HTML widget and move it to where you want to display the YouTube subscribe button: paste the code you copied earlier into the content section of your new widget and you’re done.

We hope this tutorial has helped you and you can add a YouTube subscribe button to your WordPress site! If you need help setting up your WordPress site, My WordPress Website Services is for you!

WordPress websites used by millions of people every day. We’ve been making responsive WordPress themes since 2010 and are the professional choice for everyone!

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