How To Put Your Twitter On Private

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How To Put Your Twitter On Private

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While celebrities and businesses use their Twitter accounts to promote projects and products, social media sites are frequently used by everyday users, who share stories we care about and details of our daily lives.

While many may not care who sees the messages they send, others may prefer to keep their thoughts and random observations private. Thankfully, making your Twitter account private is a straightforward process.

A private Twitter account means that anything you post can only be seen by your followers, all of whom must be personally approved by you.

This also means that anyone who doesn’t follow you or doesn’t have permission to view your feed won’t be able to see your tweets.

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NOTE: While making your Twitter account private will prevent new visitors from seeing your Tweets, your current followers will still be able to access them.

From the Privacy & Security tab, you can also control your availability, who can send you direct messages, and more. Abigail Asamis Demarest

You may need to switch to a different tab to see the settings icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Abigail Asamis Demarest

1. For desktop: On the left menu tab, click More, then click Fan Requests from the pop-up menu.

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This article was co-authored by A.J. Aldana and staff writer Nicole Levine, MFA. A.J. Aldana is a social media expert who has been using platforms like Tik Tok, Instagram and YouTube for over 5 years. A.J. works with brands to get thousands of engagements on content curated across social media campaigns and is passionate about contributing to . He has a BA in Product Design from Stanford University.

Twitter automatically makes your Tweets public, which means they will appear in search engines and can be seen by anyone viewing your profile. If Twitter’s privacy settings feel too revealing for you, you can easily protect your tweets so they’re only visible to the people who follow you. If your tweets are secure, you will need to manually approve new followers, which will give you more control over who can see your content. This article will show you how to make your Twitter account private on your Android, iPhone, iPad, or any computer.

This article was co-authored by A.J. Aldana and staff writer Nicole Levine, MFA. A.J. Aldana is a social media expert who has been using platforms like Tik Tok, Instagram and YouTube for over 5 years. A.J. works with brands to get thousands of engagements on content curated across social media campaigns and is passionate about contributing to . He has a BA in Product Design from Stanford University. This article has been viewed 1,469,239 times. The internet is full of trolls, and people seem to have no choice but to post offensive comments on public social posts. This has become a huge problem, with many well-known celebrities being harassed on social media, choosing to close their social media accounts rather than confront the comments.

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This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use social media, but if you do, it’s best to keep your profile private so only people you know and trust can see your posts, thus blocking your profile. Posts online being harassed by strangers.

If you use Twitter, making your profile private is quick and easy, and here’s how you can do it on your phone and computer.

Your Twitter account is now private, which means your tweets will no longer be visible to the public. Your tweets are now only visible to people who already follow you. Going forward, people who want to follow you will have to send you a request, which you can choose to accept or decline.

However, as Twitter points out, your tweets may still be screenshotted and shared publicly by others, so it’s not the perfect situation, but it should still be good enough if you want to avoid running into random strangers. View and comment on your tweets online. Editors independently select and review products. We may earn a commission if you shop through affiliate links, which helps support our testing.

How To Dm On Twitter

With Circles, Twitter takes a page from the “Friends” feature on Instagram (not to mention Google+), allowing you to tweet to select groups of followers. As Twitter explains: “Some tweets are for everyone, and some are for people you choose.” After a limited release, the feature is now available to everyone (Opens in a new window). Here’s how to browse on Twitter.

Start by writing tweets. Once Circles is logged into your account (close and restart your app if you don’t see it), you’ll see an auto-public button next to your profile icon, which means your tweets have been sent to all followers. .To change it, click “Public”, which will open the “Select Audience” menu. Click the Edit button next to the Twitter Circle option and the Featured tab will open in a new window.

You can then view a list of people you follow or use the search bar to find them directly. If you find someone you’d like to add to your circles, press the Add button next to their name. Anyone you add will be listed under the Twitter Circles tab. You can add up to 150 people.

Unlike public Twitter lists, Twitter circles are private. If members are added or removed from your circles, they won’t be notified. If your Tweets are protected, no one can see interactions with your Circle Tweets, even if they are in your Twitter circles.

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Click the Public button and select Twitter circles. Then write and send your tweet as usual. You can also retweet something in your circles if you click the Retweet button, choose Quote Retweet, and then change the tweet to a Twitter circle.

General Tweets and replies to Tweets outside your circles cannot be sent to your Twitter circles. You’ll know when a Tweet is sent to your circles by the green notification shown below.

If you choose to tweet to your circles, only members of that group will be able to see and interact with the tweet. When someone shares a Twitter Circle Tweet, only other members of your Circle will see the interaction. Members of your circles cannot retweet your circle Tweets to their followers or to their circles.

Once you’ve created a Twitter circle, you can edit it in the Tweet box by selecting Public and clicking the edit button next to the Twitter circle. On the Twitter Circles tab, select Delete for any users you want to delete. You can also select the green notification below a Circle Tweet, then select Edit Twitter Circle to change who stays in the group.

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You probably know by now that you can protect your tweets so only your followers can see and interact with them. Do this under More > Settings & Privacy > Privacy & Safety > Audiences & Flagging, and enable “Protect Your Tweets.”

So why use Twitter Circle in this safer way? For years, making your account private has been the only option for those who don’t want everyone to see their tweets, but it can be a powerful solution for some.

Twitter Circle allows you to create a small group of followers who can see certain tweets without completely locking out your account. You can then choose when to tweet to the world or just to your circles.

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