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How To Remove Copyright Strike On Youtube

How To Remove Copyright Strike On Youtube – How to remove a YouTube copyright claim from #YouTube! Jerrybanfield (74) • 5 years ago What is the biggest challenge in filing a copyright claim on YouTube? I will show you how I went through it based on my experience​​​​ #1 Do not delete the video because it also removes access to the process! How To Remove YouTube Copyright Claim This was my YouTube account for two months in 2015 and two years later it’s still the worst experience I’ve ever had on YouTube.. It’s frustrating. It was difficult when I was growing up, because I thought that at least I had a good YouTube channel that people liked, and with this copyright claim, it looks like that. My account is in bad shape I can’t upload more videos I can’t use my external notifications I can’t make paid channels, lists or private videos This is really painful especially because of how I feel I feel so hurt and depressed because of this. , because I have a YouTube channel that people liked and I had millions of views and thousands of subscribers at that time I was really disappointed when I got a copyright attack when I didn’t use someone else’s copyrighted material. That’s my account now Everything is in good condition I successfully passed the counter notification process and my video was restored I’m going to show you how to do this process successfully, because this process is the most frustrating thing I’ve ever done on YouTube. I’ve never done anything so disappointing I’m going to take you to where you got this email from YouTube and I’m going to show you the email now Do you know how happy I am to get this email from [email protected]? “Hello, according to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have processed your counter notification. The content has been returned. Your account will not be penalized. “Now, it seems strange to see my account looking like this. To do this, let me show you where to start by showing you at the bottom of the email, where you need to do the most important thing. This will show that your video has been taken with a scary title like “Copyright Removal Warning”. The article is terrible! All you need to do to get your video back is the bottom of the email where it says, “What to do next.” If for some reason you do not have this email, if you are in your situation and characteristics, as you can see here, there is a button to send a counter notification. You just click send counter notice and continue the process, and send the counter notice. Now, with this, my video is on my YouTube channel, the copyright owner is right to say that there is nothing copyright related to it. They don’t refer to the actual copyright material What upsets them is that I put a video linked to them and it shows up in their search terms, and they punish me with a copyright claim. Now, it’s possible If you’re hit with a legal copyright claim where you know you’ve used someone else’s copyrighted material without their permission, you risk losing your entire account if you go through the copyright counter notification process. If you intentionally and knowingly upload someone else’s video from their YouTube channel to your YouTube channel, you may not want to file a counter notice unless you want to lose your entire account and face legal action. This is what happened in the counter notification process YouTube removed this video because the person who filed this claim told me that they will file a lawsuit and it is a copyrighted video. YouTube later took down the video If you filed your copyright counter-notice, all you need to file a lawsuit is to file a copyright claim. This is what you will get immediately if you continue the process after clicking the Send Counter Notice button “Dear Jerry Banfield, if we do not receive a response, your content will be returned to YouTube,” he said. So my total has been restored Now, why is this happening? I provide the person filing this copyright claim with all of my personal information: my email address, my physical address, my full name, and my phone number. I gave them all that information because the purpose of doing this process is that YouTube blames both parties. Now, most of the time that won’t happen. The idea of ​​filing this counter notice is to give the other party everything they need to sue you. Filing a counter notice means to the person who uploaded the video, “Go ahead and sue me. I did nothing wrong.” It gives them all the information they need to file a case. they are in the same country as you, or they may be legally present in that country, and you reasonably expect them to do a good job against you in court, you may not want to do this plan. In any other case, you’ll want to send this copyright counter-notice as soon as possible. You want to go send it immediately All you get is a little bit here You get a little confused to explain to them what’s going on You can see this short paragraph I wrote You have to explain why the copyright notice is wrong and/or you have the right to use this video. The video included a profile picture of the person I mentioned, so I thought I had the right to use everything mentioned for fair use in news reporting. If you google “fair use in news reporting” you can find things like this You can also find fair use rules on Wikipedia You can read this information and see under what conditions you have the right to open and file a copyright counter notice, if you want to deny that they have the right to it, or if it is their copyright, but use it properly. A news report is another example, it’s not legal advice or anything, just a bad example You take a video of someone who made it and comment on it along with a news report You take a viral video, and comment on it, same. the way you see it makes the news, the same way you see it on TV shows. If you use it for teaching purposes it is also useful. You take a broadcast video and show something in the video and say, “Well, this is what they’re doing and that’s why this video went viral.” It’s also fair use What you can’t do is just take a voice video and upload it with music and everything, and try to call it fair use. So the best thing you can do is read a little about proper practice before filing your counter notice, but it’s very important to send your counter notice as soon as possible. That’s the main thing I did right As soon as I saw this I went to file my counter notice Here you have to submit your counter notice We need your contact information, full legal name and the specific URL of the video which is the same Do not remove the video You. can leave the video there and it will look like this, and this is how you want to leave it Once you’ve filed your counter notice, it will look like this and it will say Counter Notice Pending. Leave it like that and you’re good to go

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