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How To Select Homepage In Google Chrome


How To Select Homepage In Google Chrome – A white circle with a black border surrounds the upward facing border. It says “Click here to return to the top of the page”.

Two lines with an “X” pattern. This allows you to disable the interaction or reject the notification.

How To Select Homepage In Google Chrome

Home Chevron Icon This indicates an expandable section or menu, or perhaps previous/next navigation options. Technology

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Twitter icon Stylized bird with open mouth “in” on Twitter LinkedIn icon. LinkedIn Flipboard Icon Stylish Letter F. Flipboard Facebook Icon Letter F. Facebook Email Icon Envelope. Shows the ability to send emails. Email link icon Chain link icon. It combines the url of the website link. Copy the link.

Whether you want your home page to be your email inbox or your favorite news site, it’s easy to make changes in Google Chrome.

But it’s important to note that your home page is different from your home page. Your home page is the website linked to the home page icon in the top toolbar. But when you start Chrome, the start page appears.

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How To Set New Tab Page Background Image On Chrome

5. The second option on this page is labeled “Show Home Button” and has a button. First, make sure this switch is turned on. Otherwise, press the button to change from gray to blue.

6. Once the feature is enabled, change the home page from the default “New Tab Page” to a custom web address. Click on the second circle and enter your preferred site.

The Home button will now be at the top of every Chrome window to the left of the search bar. Clicking this icon, like a house outline, will take you to the website you set as your home page.

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Now see, even if I cut Google out of my life for 2 weeks. Did you know you can customize the look of your web browser to prove another way why Google is so good? Not only can you change the colors of your toolbar and tabs, but you can also change the background of your Google home page. This is a fun way to customize your browsing experience and differentiate your Chrome profiles if you use multiple accounts.

Open a new browser window or tab and click Customize at the bottom right. This is your background, this will open a dialog screen that allows you to customize colors and shortcuts.

In the backgrounds section, you can see that Google offers different backgrounds to choose from. You can also upload a wallpaper from your device.

Another way to customize your home screen is to add shortcuts to your favorite or frequently visited pages that act as bookmarks. see below.

Tips & Shortcuts For Better Browsing

Personally, I chose this option because I already use the Bookmarks bar for this. Because having bookmarks in two places is unnecessary. Click here to learn how to organize my Google Chrome Bookmarks bar.

Go to the Chrome Web Store and select Themes at the top right. This will bring up different themes to choose from. Click any theme’s thumbnail to preview it.

To install a theme, click the blue Add to Chrome button in the top right corner of the page. The theme will automatically download and apply to your browser.

If you decide you don’t like the working layout. After installing the theme, click Cancel in the popup that appears. You can remove your theme at any time from the Customize button on the main homepage.

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If you have installed the theme but the “New tab” page has not changed. You have previously used a background that blocked installation. You must disable the theme until it is fully implemented. Click the Customize button at the bottom right and select No Background. This should do the trick.

If not, go to your Chrome settings (the three dots in the upper right corner of the toolbar) and click Appearance -> Restore Defaults.

Did you know that I have a number of custom Google Chrome themes in the Chrome Web Store?

In the search bar. You will see only 3 themes at first, click More Themes in the top right corner to see all available themes.

This Is How To Change Your Google Background In Chrome

Thanks to my Instagram friend @heyashleyg for the inspiration to create the theme. Search for heyashleyg in the Chrome Web Store to see all of his available themes. Learn how to change your settings in the Google Chrome web browser. This tutorial shows you how to configure your browser once you open it. If you use it, it will be useful.

When you open your Google Chrome browser, you will see a settings icon in the upper right corner of your browser window. The icon looks like three lines. Click the icon to view the settings menu.

Note The Settings button is located in the upper-right corner next to the Close window button and the Preferences button.

After opening the menu, you will see a list of products. Click on the “Settings” option in the menu.

What Google Chrome Is And How To Set It As Your Default

After entering the Chrome browser settings, look at the “Get Started” section. Under this section, you can set options for how you want the browser to start when opening a new window. You can “Open a specific page or set of pages”. the choice. You can choose this option first; Or click Set Pages.

Note When you click Set Pages, the Open a specific page or set of pages option is automatically selected for you.

Enter your web address/url in the Add New Page section. This will change your current one to the one you entered. In this example, we entered our Hompage Ninja address so that we can see our findings every time we open a new browser or tab. After entering your url, click the OK button to save your settings.

Note You can add multiple pages to get started if you want. When you open your Google Chrome web browser, it opens several in separate tabs.

Learn The Right Way To Change The Homepage In Google Chrome

“Open a specific page or set of pages.” option is selected. Then close your web browser so you can test your new web browser.

Open your Google Chrome web browser to see the changes you made. In our example, we set our Chrome to open: So when we open our Chrome browser or a new tab, we show our screen. Make sure your changes are in effect and you’re good to go.

Save time and organize your most visited websites. All bookmarks and links are easily accessible. The Google logo and search bar are the first things you see when you open the Chrome browser. Google calls this the start page. But if you are tired of this boring scene, you can change it. Google Chrome includes many customization options.

Another way to customize your Google Chrome browser is to set a homepage. Now the home page is different from the start page. The start page appears when you open Chrome, but the home page appears when you click Home. Here’s how to customize both Start and Home pages in Google Chrome.

Enable Click To Call With Chrome

Chrome’s start page doesn’t have to be a boring Chrome logo with an address bar. Add it to your Facebook page and you can change it to something else, like your email inbox or a website you visit frequently. Here’s how to change the start page in Google Chrome for desktop

Step 1: On your Windows 10 or Windows 11 computer; Click the Start menu and search for Chrome.

Step 3: Move your cursor to the top right of the browser and click on the vertical ellipsis in the top right corner of “Google Chrome Personalization and Control”.

Step 5: Click the Start button on the left side of the Settings page to open a list of options.

How To Make Google Your Homepage On Chrome (android And Pc)

Step 7: When you click “Open a specific page or set of pages”; You can choose “Add new page” or “Use existing pages”.

Step 8: When you click “Add New Page”; A dialog box should ask for the URL of the page you want to add.

Google Chrome does not offer to change the start page in its mobile app version. Normally, after launching the Google Chrome application, it continues from the current pages. But if you are using an Android phone or tablet; You can always change the homepage. Check out the next section to learn how.

You can set your home page in Google Chrome. This is the page

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