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How To Set Up Google Reviews For My Business

How To Set Up Google Reviews For My Business – As one of the most important local SEO indicators, Google business reviews online from customers and clients are considered one of the most powerful ways to build trust and confidence in your business. To highlight this, a recent study by Zendesk revealed the following

There are also consequences. In other words, reviews become important when they attract more customers and help them decide between your company and your competition.

How To Set Up Google Reviews For My Business

“Welcome to a new era of marketing and services where your brand is defined by those who see it.”

Tried & Tested Ways To Get More Google My Business Reviews

Since Google controls online searches, it makes sense to pay close attention to getting reviews on your Google My Business page. As a Bristol SEO company, getting online reviews is always an important part of our marketing campaign. In this article, I will see why Google business reviews are so important and how you can get your clients or customers to write and publish them without violating Google’s guidelines.

Google My Business is an updated version of the former Google Places for Business. By integrating into the Google Plus platform, Google has helped companies manage business information available on the map and search it all in one place.

With local search results, Google often shows multiple businesses in that area

. This is where your potential customers will see things like your address, phone number, and reviews people have written about you. Reviews not only help your bottom line, but also help your business stand out in the local community.

How To Embed Google Reviews On A Website

Although there are many sites you can (and should) look for reviews, most of the searches from Google pay to focus your efforts here. Google has a lot of information about setting up and verifying your business, so if you haven’t already, you should. Once you’ve set up your business on Google Plus, it’s time to think about reviews.

As I said earlier. Internet users trust and are influenced by online reviews. Therefore, displaying the quality of your services in Google search results is a powerful way to get noticed in the public.

Until recently, Google Local Pack only showed review stars when your business had 5 reviews. This feature was removed earlier this year, and companies with only one review now show review stars. Another reason to start contacting customers is to let them go. Remember that these stars increase your click-through rate (CTR) by up to 20%.

A summary of these stars and comments also appear in the Knowledge Chart. Search the company by name and you’ll see what I mean if they do a good job of collecting reviews. The Knowledge Graph now includes reviews from other people, so don’t just Google reviews.

Customer Reviews Aren’t Posting

We’ve seen this comment drop in other places. We don’t know why. If you Google the term “cleaning bristles” you will see three packs with no star reviews. At least 2 businesses have returned, but there are more than 5 reviews.

There is another very technical method among you. Standardized data. It’s a standard code that helps explain things in a way that search engines can understand. It helps you get reviews and stars for your products and services in search results. Even if you don’t try to show them when your landing page is selected…they won’t.

Undoubtedly, these are genuine and natural reviews left by customers without any warning. That doesn’t mean you can’t encourage them to write a review by directly asking them what they think of your business and whether they want to leave a review. Instead of advertising, talking directly to them about their experience is good customer service and will often (hopefully) drive more traffic to your Google My Business page.

Here’s a quick guide to leaving Google reviews. You need a Google Account to sign out of your account. Many people do these days, they are busy bosses only with one of their Google Analytics or maybe they Gmail account. If they do not have an account, they must create one. Read our tips on how to leave a Google review on any device.

Google Review Manager

However, there are some steps you can take to make it easier and more convenient.

Most of your clients or customers are very busy people, so if they are going to take the time to write you a review, you should make it as easy as possible for them. The best way to do this is to provide a simple link that will take them directly to your Google My Business page.

There are two ways to do this: simple and advanced. We recommend the first method, but a combination of both. First, here’s an easy way.

Google now offers an easy way to get a direct link to the review form on the GMB platform, so log in to your account first.

How Do I Manage Our Google My Business Reviews?

If you haven’t already, you should create a short name for your business. To do this, go to your Google My Business listing, select “Info” from the menu and then “Add Short Name”.

Enter the short name of your choice in the box provided, it must be 32 characters or less. It should also be unique so that Google can tell you if you can use it or make other recommendations.

You will now see a notice on the ‘Home’ page of your Google My Business listing encouraging you to ‘Get More Reviews’ and a link that you can copy and send to your customers or clients.

Top Tip: If you have a regular business name, it can be difficult to find one. By including part or all of your address in your query, you will have the opportunity to appear on the Knowledge Graph for your business.

How To Get Google Reviews For Your Google My Business Page

3. You will see a box for Browse on Google, type the URL address.

URL shortening I’ve seen other people do so it’s easy to use. Browse your favorite short links. Here I used Google’s URL shortener, but this function was terminated, so I recommend using

Copy and paste your long URL into the text box and click the Short URL button. This will give you a link like

Now you have a nice little link that you can send to potential customers that will send them to your Google My Business page for browsing.

Google My Business

Copy and paste this link in an email and send it to all your customers and new customers you work with from now on.

In this article, we’ve focused on getting reviews for your Google My Business page, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore other review sites, Google should be your main focus. There are many sites like Yelp, Yahoo Local, TripAdvisor, TrustLink, TrustPilot, FreeIndex and our local Bristol Online to name a few that can help build trust in your business. , and to support your SEO efforts.

Social media is a great place to get likes. While positive reviews on social media won’t affect your local SEO, they can build trust in your business and encourage action, which in turn leads to more reviews. Platforms like Facebook and YouTube are great for getting social media likes, but LinkedIn is great if you’re a freelancer, allowing people to recommend you on relevant technology (unfortunately, you can’t leave reviews for companies or groups).

Don’t ignore your website. By directly asking customers to tell you and allowing them to write reviews on your website, you can get more genuine reviews. We can pull this data directly into the main search results using the scripts mentioned above.

Reviews And Rating

If you trust your site’s search traffic, you trust the reviews. The Internet has given us the opportunity to say what we think about any company or organization, whether we like it or not. Reviews can be a mixed bag and not always positive (learning how to respond to negative reviews can determine the whole story).

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