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How To Set Up Google Shopping Ads

How To Set Up Google Shopping Ads – In recent years, Google Shopping has become very popular. Google sees it as useful and shows more ads for product listings.

But like any marketing method, no matter how promising it sounds, you can find out if it works for you by testing it.

How To Set Up Google Shopping Ads

In this article, I share 11 Google Shopping case studies from businesses large and small. But I’ll start with 3 key questions to help you determine if Google Shopping is right for your business.

Google Shopping Categories: How To Boost Your Ecommerce Ads Results

Be sure to read until the end because I have included a bonus for readers who want to try this marketing method for their business.

Google Ads works by displaying Product Listing Ads (or PLAs) in Google search results. And your potential customers use Google to find things.

So the main question is: Are your customers using Google to find the products you sell?

You can see this for yourself in SEMrush. This is a paid keyword research, but the free version will give you a better idea:

Google Shopping Ads

This table gives you a good overview of the number of monthly searches. You can also see other terms related to their volumes.

If you can’t find many items, or the numbers don’t seem right, a few things could be happening:

If your most relevant keyword comes up with no results or only 20 searches/month, there aren’t enough people looking for your products.

On the other hand, if your top keywords have high searches, like 20,000 searches/month, you know there is potential.

What Are Google Shopping Ads And Its Benefits

Car speakers, for example, have 33,100 monthly tests. This means that there are many special searches for other types of speakers, different prices or brands.

If you’re having trouble coming up with a keyword that people are using, your customers may be struggling too. It is likely that they will find your products in a different way than a Google search.

If it is difficult to describe your product, Google Shopping is not a good way for you. It also shows that you will struggle when it comes to SEO because the search engine is not there.

The following countries are supported: At the time of writing, these supported countries are: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey , Ukraine, United Arab Emirates UAE, UK, USA and Vietnam.

Setup Google Shopping Ads For Grow Business And Fix Merchant Center Issues By Satisfied_1000

If you are facing the problems mentioned above, you can explore other types of advertising. Facebook ads are the best of many of the above product categories. They focus more on understanding.

It usually involves a lot of trial and error: organizing Excel files, repackaging food and a lot of prayer.

You don’t need to be an expert to do this, but you should be comfortable making changes to your e-commerce platform.

Once your ads are up and running, you’ll see the first results. Your main goal is to get more money than you put in.

Sell On Google Shopping Guide And 6 Practices [nov 2022]

To get there, you have to consider all the parameters that Google Ads offers: how much you pay per click, what is the order of the click, what is displayed, no, etc.

Optimizing Google search results is a topic in itself. But in order to check what you can change and how you can achieve certain goals, you must be a researcher.

Google Shopping is very powerful. But there is an opportunity for creativity: come up with better product names that combine keywords with the intention of the customer or create product images that stand out from competitors.

If you don’t have one or more of these skills, you can always outsource a special group that focuses on what you do best. You can have someone manage your Google Shopping campaigns while you learn how to optimize them.

Best Practices For Google Shopping Campaign Priority

Due to the competitive nature of e-commerce, it is not easy to find businesses that can publicly share which channels are generating sales for them. .

But here I want to share the results of what I have seen. Below you will find a combination of results from our readers, case studies I found online, my clients and some of search from Google.

Google is very easy to generate search results and they are sure to select only the best results. Since it was difficult to find other Google Shopping searches, I decided to include them to show you the different product categories that yield results of business.

Sports Glasses started as a Shopify project. It’s a new business so they know they need traffic and sales. The launch of the Google Shopping campaign is part of their marketing strategy.

How To Set Up Google Shopping With Woocommerce

These results come from the customer who runs ads on many different platforms, including search and sales in Google Ads.

I compiled these stores to show the potential of well-managed shopping, especially when compared to search engines. The following results are based on the keywords that are the focus of the general analysis. This means they are not looking for a brand name. Customers who search for a brand name already know the store and are more likely to convert at a lower price than people who search for generic keywords.

ROAS is calculated as total revenue/total cost. Remember that it is very important to calculate the return (ROI) for your ads, because it shows how much profit you get for each purchase. (ROI = Total Revenue / Total Cost)

From the results above, it is clear that sales leads to more revenue than search engines.

How To Set Up A Google Shopping Ads Campaign

This customer’s goal is to spend as much as possible on retail purchases. But it has an upper limit.

For this client we increase the number of sales we get from Google Shopping while bringing in additional (higher value) sales through ad campaigns. common.

A blog reader sells furniture and was happy to share some recent data. When he started his business, his only sales came from Google Shopping campaigns. Now he has diversified his business and he is engaging his customers in different ways. Here are the results of his Google purchases for the last 30 days.

Wild Deal is the online store of Tina, one of our readers. She sells baby products, eco-friendly products and good deals. Her store is a great place to go if you’re looking for natural baby toys, organic baby clothes, or any other organic baby food items.

How To Set Up Woocommerce Google Shopping Ads: Beginner’s Guide

Wilddeal ran a Google Shopping campaign last year as part of the experiment. Despite seeing more sales, they found other marketing methods that gave them better results.

So with a little tweaking, the bottom line might be better (sell at a lower price or higher sales).

Eco Shoes sells men’s and women’s shoes and was looking for a way to increase visibility and reduce the cost of buying people.

They had already run search ads, but they realized that customers would respond better to seeing a picture of the actual product. As a result, adding their products to Google Shopping was very beneficial for Eco Shoes.

Everything You Need To Win At Google Shopping [full Guide]

They were able to reach customers on Google who were looking for specific designs. Although it is a competitive business with big brands, product listings allow them to show off their unique designs and compete with big brands.

Public School sells bicycles and bicycle accessories. They turned to Google Shopping as a way to scale their marketing efforts and get in front of more customers.

For every $1 invested in marketing campaigns, Government Vehicles can see 2x the ROI compared to their other online channels.

TravelSmith Outfitters sells clothing and accessories. They turned to Google AdWords (marketing and search advertising) to show the right products to the right customers as they search on Google.

What Google Shopping Campaign Approach Works Best For You?

They already advertise heavily on Google. But when they introduced shopping carts, they were able to display prices and product images. This allowed comparison shopping to result in lower prices, more time spent on the site and better exchange rates.

The Grapevine Rebbe sells a wide range of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing. They look to Google Shopping to increase revenue and buy more real estate on search engine results pages.

Audio output provides recording and live audio. They weren’t satisfied with their earnings on their ad campaigns: conversion rates were low and conversion rates were high.

I showed you businesses that can benefit from Google Shopping, what it takes to get started and how other businesses can use Google Shopping to their advantage.

How To Set Up Google Shopping Ads For Shopify

Hopefully this is enough to make up your mind if you should add it to your to-do list.

If you liked this post but you want to go into setting up and optimizing Google Shopping in more detail? to sign

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