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How To Show Your Business On Google Maps


How To Show Your Business On Google Maps – If your business profile is incomplete, has incorrect information, and doesn’t have any photos of your business, you probably won’t be featured.

Google continues to be the king, queen and court of crazy internet searches. Sure, Facebook and Amazon are trying to carve out their share of the search pie, but as of July 2019, Google dominated more than 90 percent of all searches. When someone searches for a product or service on Google, they show intent and motivation. The beauty of intent-based search is that this traffic can be free. Paid keyword advertising works, but it’s not the only way to get clicks and customers. Have you ever noticed how some businesses are always right below the paid ads on Google Maps, while others never appear? Those listed do four things better than others in the company profile.

How To Show Your Business On Google Maps

Before we get into the four specific tasks, it’s important to know that your business won’t appear on Google Maps until you create a Google My Business (GMB) profile for each location. Google “Google My Business” for a direct link to set up your GMB profile. It’s linked to your Google Account.

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If you’re creating a brand new location, you’ll choose between a service location and a physical location. A physical location is an actual office or retail space where people go, such as a doctor’s or lawyer’s office. Customers come to you. A service location is a location where you serve a neighborhood or city, but do not have an office or retail space. Examples include plumber, real estate agent, or HVAC service technician. You go to the customer. In both cases, you need a mailing address for Google to send you a postcard confirmation. You “claim” your listings and start taking responsibility for your online presence.

With that basic setup, let’s jump into these four quick and easy ways to get your business on Google Maps when people search for local (fill in the field) like yours.

Have you ever looked at a business profile and wondered if the location is still active? You can tell when a business profile looks abandoned. The first dead giveaway is when the only image on that business’s profile is Google Maps Street View.

You must upload appropriate images. This cannot be emphasized enough. People eat and drink with their eyes. You don’t need to hire a professional photographer. Most smartphone cameras will suffice.

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Take as many photos of your workplace as possible. Be sure to rename each photo to include your company name and what’s in the photo. When an image is given a file name, it usually looks like this: “1074738img.jpg”. Rename the file to “Dans-Plumbing-Front-Of-Office-1234-Mockingbird-Lane-Anywhere-Ca-90210.jpg”. By doing this, you’re properly labeling the image according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines, which is a respect in itself, and you’re helping Google understand what the image is about, which makes it easier for its algorithm to render it more accurately. the results.

Other photo ideas include clients, customers, products, food, and before and after. Remember, you can’t have too many images as long as they are relevant to your business.

Google loves it when you use their tools. One of the quickest and easiest ways to signal to Google that your GMB profile is getting traffic is to use your existing website traffic. Place a small Google Map on your website. Every time someone visits your website, they’re inadvertently viewing Google’s embedded property. Google recognizes this even if they don’t click on the map.

Search for your business on Google Maps. Once you find it, click the share option and select embed map. Copy that code and paste it on your website just like you would embed a YouTube video.

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The more your profile is clicked, the more often Google will serve it as a search result on Google Maps. The more reviews you have, the more likely people will click on your profile. This is known as social proof.

You should be good at asking your customers, clients, customers, friends and family for testimonials. Getting reviews is an art form. You get better at it the more you do it. Don’t be surprised or even offended when you have to ask someone for a review or recommendation several times. Research shows you’re more likely to get a review after a customer feels “high.” This usually happens after shopping or a good meal. At this point, you and your team should request a review.

Make sure your business phone number, website and opening hours are up to date. Use the guest browser and test the phone and website. Are they correct? Do they work as intended? Is it the right person on the phone? Does the website link to the homepage or the right product or service? These are all things you should test. It’s all about user experience, and the longer you keep a customer on your GMB profile, the more valuable you will be in Google’s eyes.

Google wants to deliver the best and most relevant search results to the consumer. They have a number of tools and online signals that help them figure out what search engine results to give. The more competitive your business space is, the more complete and professional your GMB profile should be. If your business profile is incomplete, has incorrect information, and doesn’t have a photo of your business or a photo of your work, you probably won’t be featured.

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Use these four quick tips to update your Google My Business and Google Maps profiles to get more exposure. Let me know how these free, easy tips have helped your business.

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