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How To Sign Into Gmail Without Phone Verification

How To Sign Into Gmail Without Phone Verification – In the past few decades, technology has advanced significantly, redefining aspects of our lives that have remained unchanged for decades. As its popularity grew, people began to trust blind online services with personal messages that were previously private. One online service that collects personal information is Gmail. From your birthday and phone number to your monthly expenses, Gmail knows you better than your parents. So it’s understandable that users are nervous about giving out personal Gmail information, like their phone number. If you want to protect your privacy, read on to find a Gmail account you can verify without a phone number.

Big sites like Google have tons of people logging in every day, most of them bots or fake accounts. Therefore, such companies are forced to add various layers of authentication so that genuine users can use their service.

How To Sign Into Gmail Without Phone Verification

Also, as humans became more and more technologically advanced, it became more difficult to protect them. Therefore, along with the standard email address and password, Google has added security through phone numbers. If the company believes that the login of a particular device is false, it can verify this using the user’s phone number.

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All that said, if you want to keep your phone number and still want to create a Gmail account, these steps will help.

There are three types of options when creating a new Google account: yours, your child’s, your business. Accounts created to manage businesses require phone numbers for verification and do not take age into consideration. In such cases, creating a fake phone number is a painful solution. Here’s how to use a fake phone number to get verified by Google:

4. Open a new tab and go to receive SMS. Choose one according to your preferences from the list of national brands and phone numbers.

5. The next page will show you a bunch of fake numbers. Click Read you received SMS to each of them as shown.

How To Manage Your Google Privacy Settings

8. Go back to the Get SMS page as OTP is required to unlock. Click on Update OTP Notifications.

Another trick is to avoid Google checking your phone number and entering your age. 15. Google tends to think that children don’t have mobile numbers and advises them to move on. This method may work, but only make Me or My Child account options. But to do this, you need to clear all the cookies and cache stored in your browser.

4. It is allowed to bypass phone number verification, so you need to create a Gmail account without phone number verification.

Using the toll free number when trying to log into Google doesn’t always work. Google has detected several fake numbers. In some cases, the number is already linked to multiple Gmail accounts. The best way to bypass this problem is to buy an active phone service. These services are cheap and generate a unique phone number on demand. Exuro App and DoNotPay are two such services that generate real phone numbers and help create a Gmail account without verifying a phone number.

Create Many Gmail Accounts Without Mobile Number Verification

If Google believes the information you entered is valid, it will allow you to bypass the phone number verification. Therefore, if Google is asking you to verify your phone number, the best thing to do is to wait 12 hours and try again and enter your searched information.

Bluestacks is an Android emulator software that allows Android apps to run on computers. It supports both Windows and macOS operating systems. In this tutorial, we will use this app to create a Gmail account without verifying the phone number.

Note: do not forget to specify the recovery email. e-mail if you forgot your new login account.

We hope this guide was helpful and you were able to create a Gmail account without verifying your phone number. If you still have questions about this article, feel free to ask them in the comment section.

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Acron is a more recent writer. The guides have been written for almost 6 years and have covered many topics. I like to discuss issues related to Windows, Android and report the latest tricks and tips. There are several ways to verify your identity if you don’t have a phone. The problem is that most of them need to be installed before you need them.

I know the phone and I got the phone number a little while ago. I just tried to log into my Google Account and it wants to verify my identity by sending a code

The problem is that you tell Google your new number, but you can’t because the old number is verified. It is a vicious cycle.

Of course, if you’ve lost your phone or changed numbers without changing your data account, this won’t work.

What Is A Google Verification Code? Everything You Need To Know

(and there are others). It’s not clear which one Google wants to be found, and it can vary depending on the type of account or if you’ve forgotten your password or lost your “two devices” account.

Even if you don’t allow two things, Google Security may sometimes require an additional level of authentication. I confirm two things.

With a hardware security key like the YubiKey, all you have to do is insert the key into a USB port and press a button to verify that you are who you say you are.

This only works if you have a YubiKey already configured with your account. I’ve assigned a YubiKey to my account, but it doesn’t work with a common one. Receive a one-time security code

Easy Ways To Bypass Gmail Phone Verification: 11 Steps

You can use a hardware security key to have a password on your account on one device, then use that device to receive a passcode on another.

This assumes that you cannot use the security key on the device you are trying to connect to. Maybe the USB ports are broken; maybe he left the key at home. With another device (or a credit card nearby at home), you can use access to one site to authenticate another site. Not on the phone or tablet

If you’re signed in to your Google Account on a mobile phone or tablet, Google may send a message to that device asking you to confirm that you’re signed in to your account on your device.

Start on another device and the answer can be tested. Use your phone or tablet for a security code (even if you’re not connected)

How To Create Gmail Account Without Phone Number Verification

This surprised me. I guess this only works on Android devices, but if you’re signed in with the same account on those devices, you’ll be prompted for a technical passcode.

The fact that it also works when your phone is offline can be vital, especially when you’re on the go. Verification from the Google Authenticator app.

A mobile connection is not required, but you must install two-factor authentication on the Google Authenticator app in advance. Other affiliate programs such as Authy also work.

On the device that has authentication (which would be the computer if you’re trying to open it using the desktop version of Authy), simply enter the number shown here.

Which Is The Best Way To Create A Gmail Account Without Phone Verification In 2017?

Google Email will send you an email address in one of your email addresses. presents the inscriptions. Your ability to provide this code verifies that you are who you say you are (or someone who set up a recovery email) and that you have access to your power.

Note: You can associate multiple email addresses with an account. Cursory address. An example is shown here

. If you lose access to one, you can send the code to another. Receive verification on your mobile phone.

This is the question that brought us here. Google will send a code to the phone number.

Ways To Access Gmail

Note: You can associate more than one number with an account. If you lose access to one, you can send the code to the other. Enter one of the 8 digit security codes.

With two-factor authentication, Google can generate and present a code to sign in your name at any time, which you can use in case of need.

Both can be used once, for a second item, or when you want to give Google an extra layer of security

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