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How To Start An Idea For An Invention


How To Start An Idea For An Invention – Children’s imaginations are limitless – so can they help us develop the ambitious plans needed to solve the world’s problems? A group was asked to innovate to make society a better place. How did they respond?

From the “inner pistol” to the “ocean organizer,” kids apply their thinking patterns to a variety of challenges. Children aged 5-11 from the UK and Australia were asked what they would find to make the world a better place. An artist comments on 10 of his paintings to bring his inspiring ideas to life.

How To Start An Idea For An Invention

• Gun soaker is similar to Inner Humanium, a new material made from metal recycled from weapons destruction programs. All products made with Humanium go towards funding victims and projects to rebuild communities affected by conflict.

Ways To Invent A Product

• Olly the Ocean Organizer is the owner of Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit organization that develops innovative technology to clean up the world’s oceans of plastic. By harnessing ocean currents to their advantage, passive current systems could clean up half of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in five years, says inventor Boyan Slate.

• Cody the Carer mentions Aido, a company that aims to improve people’s quality of life using affordable and easy-to-use robotics and automation products. Aido is a service robot that can perform tasks such as playing with children and helping people with household chores.

“It’s exciting to see the minds of potential future innovators at work,” says project leader Matt Lindley. “The challenge is to keep that momentum going through childhood and adulthood.”

An ollie is a machine that collects marine debris and attaches it to a large net. Its inventor, nine-year-old Daisy from the UK, writes that the machine has solar-powered propellers and “eyes to see if there are any fish that won’t harm them”.

The Invention Of Whiteness: The Long History Of A Dangerous Idea

Six-year-old Harry from Australia imagines a vacuum-like device that absorbs all the world’s weapons into his animated body and destroys them. Lower wheels allow this powerful machine to be transported quickly where it is most needed.

Laura invented a welfare robot that takes care of the elderly and attends to their every need. Cody the Carer “Eyes that let us know when someone is sick, hands that are waterproof and can cook, and mouths that talk to an old person and keep them from being alone.”

Fragainpate works by combining hearts and very hot water to create love, releasing a special vapor into the air. The non-evaporated hearts are packed into boxes, transported on a conveyor belt, and shipped around the world for people to enjoy.

A tree rocket can transport its passengers from England to Australia in just one second. Wood-top windows provide a great viewing experience while traveling and a convenient door in the trunk provides easy access for passengers.

Children’s Inventions To Make The World A Better Place

Five-year-old Australian designer Hannah’s The Rubbish Eater single-handedly solves the world’s garbage and deforestation problems by turning trash entirely into trees.

Eight-year-old British designer Lexi explains that even though he’s at war, Bob the robot excels at helping other people. He can cure cancer, medical problems and promote world peace with his wings and worldly mind. Bob reminds everyone that not all disabilities are invisible.

Dress Me helps the machine operator get ready in the morning. Once your dream garment is matched to the convenient selector screen, a large mechanical winding arm will refine your garments as you slide comfortably along the conveyor belt.

This amazing microwave-like machine can cook any food your heart desires. Just type in your favorite food and the spoon will work using its antenna on top to find the perfect recipe and create the breakfast of your dreams, explains 10-year-old Australian designer Mia.

What Is Invention Convention?

The Tizer is a machine that can do it right in less than a minute. Point to the object you want to fix, turn the white knob and wait 10 seconds for the high-tech laser to begin focusing its special fixation beams on the broken object.

We use cookies to give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site, we will assume that you are satisfied with it. Well, staples on school supply lists include: Elmer’s glue, pencils, loose-leaf paper, pocket folders, three-ring binders, and pens. There are less important but highly desirable items like gel pens and flavored markers, pencil cases and closet decorations that cause arguments in the store aisle between parents and kids as the new school year begins.

Searching the archives of the United States Patent and Trademark Office reveals tons of inventions that parents and kids can appreciate this time of year. A walkie talkie pen? How about a t-shirt that hands out gum on the first day? These 17 unusual products can sometimes make the transition from rock to school easier.

Open a special box in this lunch box and it turns into a robot! In 1987, the inventors of the patented product wanted to create their own “Transformer” based on the popularity of the cartoon series.

How To Create An Invention (9 Step Guide)

Why wake up to a screeching alarm or annoying parents when you can set a scented alarm clock to wake you up with a scented mist?

You’re guaranteed to make some friends, just make sure you have enough inventory for the entire class.

No need to pass notes with this walkie talkie pen. Be prepared for the teacher to confiscate it, especially if you try to change test answers.

With clear channels and pockets for pets like gerbils and hamsters, this shirt is a show (and box office) stopper!

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Patented in 2002, mom or dad can record a voice message on this lunch box so your kids never forget to put away the food.

Before GPS tracking apps, this “School Bus Locator System” patented in 1992 would save you from missing the bus. It consists of a radio transmitter on the bus and a receiver in your home that lights up as the first warning and beeps when the bus is a quarter of a mile away.

Perfect for the gym, this ‘one-off’ is designed to withstand physical activity and is lined with sweat-repellent material.

This shopping cart with a built-in scanner gives back-to-school shoppers their total spend.

You Invented A Great New Product. Now, How Do You Sell It?

If you have a downhill commute, consider riding this “body-connected bike” to school. Or take it on vacation. Squeeze your knees together to apply the brakes.

That’s what happens when moms and dads aren’t around to cuddle with this “baby safety-enhancing sleep bag,” patented in 1996.

It doesn’t hurt to play this board game that simulates the school experience to prepare for the first day. According to the 1983 patent, the game “provides insight into the roles, values, aspirations, and goals of teachers, students, and others in the school environment, and perhaps provides a better understanding of the underlying organization.” en Close Language Change Menu Language English (Selected) Español Português Deutsch Français Русский Italiano Română Bahasa Indonesia More Info Download Free Read 30 Days Close User Settings Welcome to Menu! Read the Download Language (EN) authorizations FAQ for free and log in for support.

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Get specific. Imagine what your invention will look like. Create your own sketches

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