How To Study For Fundamentals Of Nursing Exam

How To Study For Fundamentals Of Nursing Exam – Do you violate hygiene techniques? Let’s say. Access to clean safety glasses b. Stand with your hands above your waist c. Receive sterile supplies from the surgeon d. Open a clean table

Ten nurses take care of contacts with the patient. What is the best measure to prevent the spread of the disease? Let’s say. Place the patient in a room with negative air flow. b. Wear gown, gloves, face shield and safety glasses for patient contact. c. Transport patients safely and quickly to the radiology department. d. Use a special sphygmomanometer cuff that stays in the room and is used only for that patient.

How To Study For Fundamentals Of Nursing Exam

11 positive C. The nurse is caring for a patient with a difficult culture. What will the nurse do? Let’s say. Instruct support staff to use soap and water instead of disinfectants. b. When entering the ward, wear an N95 mask. c. The patient should take anti-drip measures. d. Teach patients coughing etiquette.

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12 A nurse is caring for a blood-borne pathogen. The nurse stops the intravenous (IV) line and splashes the blood onto the glove on the intact skin. What are the nurses’ next steps?

B) Lower the patient’s blood pressure to prevent tissue hypertension. c. Do not roll over in bed, as this may re-dislocate the leg. d) Restrict the patient’s diet to reduce the frequency of bed rest.

20 The nurse is providing oral care for a conscious patient and notices that the patient has bad breath. Which word does the nurse use when reporting for the upcoming shift? Let’s say. Cheilitis B. Bad breath c. Glossitis D. Toothache

21 patients were treated for cancer with weekly head radiation and chemotherapy. Which grade takes precedence? Let’s say. Foot B. Nail c. Perineum D. Mouth

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22 Nurses are caring for an elderly patient with Alzheimer’s disease who is ambulating but requires general assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs). The nurse notices that a patient is missing a tooth. Which area should the nurse assess? Let’s say. Assess the mouth. b. Location of draft reviews. c. Assess the ankle for swelling. d. Rate the feeling of reduction.

23 The nurse is caring for a perineal patient. Which cleaning method will the nurse use? Let’s say. Back forward B. In a circular motion C. Dantian to anus d. From the anus to the vagina

24 patients reported that they could not clear their nasal passages. What action will the nurse take? Let’s say. Use gentle suction to prevent tissue damage. b) Instruct the patient to blow their nose forcefully to clear the passage. c. Place a dry cloth under the nose to absorb secretions. d) Insert the cotton ball into the back of the nose.

Develop. b. “My mom had appendicitis, so this increases my chances of getting appendicitis.” c. “Controlling the amount of stress in my life can reduce my risk of disease.” d. “I don’t do drugs.” I drink coffee, but caffeine is not a drug. “

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27 Nurses choose a suitable theme for the Youth Health Expo. What topics should nurses cover? Let’s say. Retirement b. Menopause c. Causes of menopause D. Unplanned pregnancy

28 During a routine physical examination, a nurse taking a medical history finds that a 50-year-old female patient complains of pain and redness in her right breast. What is the best nursing action in response to this finding? Let’s say. Assess the patient as accurately as possible. b) Explain to the patient that breast tenderness is normal for her age. c. Tell patients that redness is nothing to worry about and is normal. d. Tell her that redness is a prerequisite for normal unilateral breast augmentation.

29 young adult abusive couples were taken to hospital by police after a speeding car crashed into them while trying to arrest them. What should the nurse do? Let’s say. Ask the patient about the use of medications. b) Give the patient a cup of coffee to calm the nerves. c. Carefully assess patients for the presence of sexually transmitted diseases. d) Solve the current problem instead of asking about pre-existing diseases

30 Nurses assess cognitive changes in a preschool child. Which criteria will the nurse use to judge normal? Let’s say. Ability to think abstractly and deal effectively with hypothetical problems b. Ability to think logically about the here and now c. Ability to accept another person’s point of view d. The ability to sort objects by size or color

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31 The nurse is observing a 2-year-old female inpatient in the playroom. Which activity will the nurse most likely observe? Let’s say. Find same-sex children b. Participate as a leader in group activities c. Sit next to another child when playing with blocks d. Sort the blocks into groups by size and color

32 Which steps should the nurse take when teaching a 5-year-old patient about elective surgery? Let’s say. Do not discuss the procedure with children to reduce stress. b) Inform the child that the surgery will be at 9:00. c. Insist that the parent wait outside the room to ensure the child’s privacy. d) Allow children to touch and handle medical equipment such as thermometers.

33 On the patient’s shift report, the nurse notes that the patient has urinary incontinence. What does the nurse expect after the assessment? Let’s say. Indwelling Foley catheter

B) Give milk in the first year of life. c. Add honey to baby milk for an energy boost. d) Offer breast milk or formula for the first 4 to 6 months.

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Forty-one patients had facial injuries, including nasal fractures, and had a history of esophageal reflux and aspiration pneumonia. Which tube will the nurse use for feeding? Let’s say. Nasogastric tube B. Jejunostomy tube C. Nasointestinal tube D. Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) tube

42 The nurse is preparing to insert a nasogastric tube in a partially conscious patient. How should the nurse measure the tube to determine the length of the tube to insert? Let’s say. From the tip of the nose to the lobe of the ear b. From the tip of the ear to the xiphoid process c. From the tip of the earlobe to the tip of the nose to the xiphoid process d. From the tip of the nose to the tip of the ear to the xiphoid process

43 Install the small bore feed pipe. Which method does the nurse use to best confirm tube placement? Let’s say. X-ray b. pH test C. Auscultation D. Aspiration of contents

44 patients who had just started entering had reported abdominal pain. What will the nurse do? Let’s say. Reduce the feed rate. b. Apply a cold formula to “numb” the stomach. c. Change the tube diet to high fat. d. Talk to your doctor about prokinetic medications

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45 Nurses are caring for a patient with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). Which nutritional interventions should nurses include in their care plans? Let’s say. Eat small, frequent nutritious meals to increase your calorie intake. b. Prepare fresh foods, as they are more acceptable to the patient. c. Avoid salty foods and limit fluids to maintain electrolytes. d. Encourage high-fat foods to increase calorie intake.

46 Nurses are preparing to carry a patient. What will the nurse take first? Let’s say. Place a sheet of paper under the patient. b. Assessing weight and determining assistance needs. c. Delegate tasks to paramedics. d. Try to lift the patient yourself before calling for help.

47 A nurse is caring for an elderly patient who has suffered a stroke. Which intervention would the nurse include in the plan of care? Let’s say. Encourage patients to engage in as many self-care activities as possible. b) Complete bed baths are available for patient comfort. c. GATE coaching with occupational therapy.

Forty-eight patients were referred to neurology for a diagnosis of stroke. When do nurses begin discharge planning? Let’s say. At the entrance b. The day before the patient is discharged c. When outpatient care is not required d. When the patient’s exit destination is known

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49 The nurse admits a patient with a mobility impairment. For which problems will the nurse monitor this patient? (Check all that apply.) Foot drops b. Looseness c. Solid pneumonia d. Impaired skin integrity e. Increase socialization

50 nurses teach a health promotion course on isotonic exercise. Which examples of physical activity does the nurse list? (Not an exact question, but very similar) Swimming, running and cycling B. Strengthening or stretching muscles without moving body parts C. Quadriceps exercises and glute contractions D. Push-ups, hip raises, leg push-ups, bench press

Nurse 51 teaches safety to a group of school-aged parents. Which safety factor is most important to the nurse?

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