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How To Use Spotify On Sonos App


How To Use Spotify On Sonos App – Spotify and Sonos have made it possible to control Sonos speakers directly from the Spotify mobile app. This new integration went live today, and this blog post explains exactly how to make it all work.

Previously, the only way to play Spotify through your Sonos speakers was to use the dedicated Sonos app, but that app doesn’t take advantage of all of Spotify’s features. Also, if you’re good at navigating the Spotify app, being forced to use the Sonos app at home was annoying and unpleasant.

How To Use Spotify On Sonos App

Insight: The old Sonos app and what it means for your system Talk: Basic Sonos Alexa commands you need to know How to reset a Sonos speaker The classic offline method is your friend here. Here’s what you need to do: 1. Unplug the power cord from the back of the outlet or from the Sonos speaker itself.

Spotify Connect For Sonos Revealed

When I tried to get this working with my iPhone 6S and my Sonos Play:5 speaker, I first opened the App Store on my phone and looked for updates, thinking there were newer versions of Spotify and Sonos available to download. . Surprisingly, no updates were found.

I figured my phone had already downloaded the new apps and updated them, so I started Spotify to see if I could send music to the Sonos speaker. I played a song on my phone and looked to send it to Sonos but found nothing.

Then I realized I needed to update the software on my Sonos speaker. So I launched the Sonos app and immediately got a notification that the app had new software to download and install. This is the first major step I missed.

Now you can drag and drop songs using the Spotify app on your mobile device and send them to your Sonos speakers. How exactly is this done?

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On the last screen, if you have a Sonos speaker, tapping the three dots on the right will take you to controls for sending the music you’re playing to other rooms that have Sonos speakers. You can also group speakers on this screen.

Well, here it is. If only the volume controls were anywhere more than a few clicks away from the screen, and you didn’t have to click on words so small that even millennials need bifocals to read them, I’m happy with that. Integration is available. 🙂

I hope this article is helpful! You know you can easily help me. Use the links below to shop at Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany or Amazon France. Does your Mac need antivirus software? Alternatively, if you’re a camera person, use this link to shop B&H Photography. If you buy something I get a small commission. All Sonos owners can now use Spotify to control their speakers.

Sonos announced in August that Spotify would let users control their music through the streaming service’s app instead of using its own software. The feature was released to the speaker company’s beta testing members in early November, but is now available to everyone. If you’re a Spotify Premium subscriber, you don’t need to use the Sonos Controller app to play music. Spotify Connect lets you select Sonos devices from the Devices menu.

Sonos For Business

I’ve been using the Direct Playback tool for a few weeks as part of the beta and it makes a huge difference to the overall Sonos experience. The Sonos Controller app works great, but sticking to the Spotify interface, which I use multiple times a day, is a huge improvement. If you’re worried you won’t be able to group speakers into separate rooms, don’t worry: Spotify has the same feature. Any connected Sonos devices you have will appear in the device menu, so you can switch from speakers to headphones with one tap. Yes, Spotify Connect integration is available on both desktop and mobile devices.

No need to worry about switching queues or selecting “Play Now” when you want to switch to another album or playlist. Click on a song and it starts playing just like you would in your car or computer. When friends come over, they’ll also be able to play songs directly from the Spotify app. Trust me, if you’re a Spotify user and a Sonos owner, you can play songs directly, and the latter’s app will be a nice change.

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All recommended products are selected by our editors, independent of our parent company. Some of our stories contain affiliate links. If you purchase something through one of these links, we will receive an affiliate commission. All prices correct at time of publication. Spotify and music giant Sonos have announced a deal that will allow users to stream tracks through their new partner’s wireless multi-room speaker systems without leaving the Spotify app.

With Competition Between Streaming Services Intensifying, Hardware Has Become An Important Growth Factor

The partnership means music lovers don’t need to go through a dedicated Sonos app to listen to their music, and can control their sound system directly through Spotify.

Music lovers no longer need to use a dedicated Sonos app to listen to songsCredit: Spotify / Sonos

Spotify Connect is only available to Spotify Premium subscribers, who pay £9.99 a month for the enhanced ad-free service, and is now available to any Sonos owner after launching as a limited beta in October.

First, make sure you have the latest version of the Sonos app – version 7.0 has the required update – and make sure Spotify is up to date.

How To Add Spotify To Your Sonos Speaker System

Launch Spotify on your smartphone or tablet and start playing a track, then when the song is playing, tap “Available devices” below the track bar.

In the menu that appears, you now have the option to play your music through a separate Sonos device or a set of connected speakers.

Once you’re set up, not only can you stream music from any tablet or phone to a compatible speaker, but you can use the Spotify app to control speaker volume, skip between tracks, and create speaker groups.

Since its launch in 2002, Sonos has become a leading player in the world of wireless multi-room speaker systems.

Alexa Can Now Play Music From Spotify On Sonos Speakers

Their systems allow owners to add up to 32 interconnected devices using a secure wireless network called Sonoset.

Spotify’s deal marks the first in a series of planned third-party partnerships, although it’s notoriously difficult for users to access the exclusive official Sonos app, which can be accessed from other streaming services. A white circle with a black border. chevron facing up. It means “Click here to return to the top of the page”.

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Brilliant And Sonos Are A Match Made In Audio Heaven

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The Sonos speaker system lets you add all your favorite streaming platforms to the app — so you can connect and play your favorite music anytime.

To add a new streaming platform like Spotify to your Sonos system, you’ll first need to go to the list of music services in the Settings menu, add a service, and then scroll to find Spotify.

To use Spotify on Sonos, you’ll need to sign in or subscribe to a streaming service. Once you connect Spotify to the speaker, you can stream your favorite playlists and albums as a remote through the Spotify app on your iPhone or Android device.

How To Listen To Spotify Through Sonos Speakers With Spotify Connect

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3. This will take you to the settings menu. Tap the Services tab next to the music recording and microphone icon.

6. This will open a popup to search for a new service. Scroll alphabetically until you find Spotify. Click to start.

7. On the next page, tap Add to Sonos. If prompted, sign in to your account and allow changes to your Sonos account.

Sonos / Spotify Vinyl Emulator

8. Click “Sign in to Spotify” to access an existing account, or “Sign up to Spotify” to create a new account. After connecting successfully, Spotify will now appear

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