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Move Personal Facebook Ad Account To Business Manager

Move Personal Facebook Ad Account To Business Manager – Many small and large businesses look at Facebook Business Manager and grumble a little. There is a lot to keep track of, and much of it seems quite technical at first glance. And since your company is probably capable of handling most basic marketing tasks without diving too deeply (or at all) into business management, it makes sense that many would avoid it altogether .

However, if you are not using Facebook Business Manager (whether intentionally or not), you are missing out on a number of valuable marketing opportunities. While Business Manager is essential for agencies, it also has countless benefits for businesses of all sizes that can improve your marketing effectiveness or introduce new features with new capabilities.

Move Personal Facebook Ad Account To Business Manager

Whoever you are, in this article we will do our best to convince you that now is the time to make the leap into Facebook business management and show you how to get started.

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We’ll explain what Facebook Business Management is, how to get started, what its main features are, and how Facebook Business Management will benefit your business.

Business Manager allows advertisers to manage their marketing efforts in one place and share access to assets with their team, agency partners and vendors.

Historically, when advertising started on Facebook, there was no need for a business manager, since a typical company probably only had a few ad accounts and Facebook pages and a small number of employees to manage them. Facebook page features were also much more limited than now. At that time the sites were brand new. Analytics weren’t what they are now, tracking pixels didn’t have the same capability, and even features like dynamic product catalog ads didn’t exist anymore.

As time goes on, we’re seeing more companies have more sites, partner with more agencies, and take advantage of the amazing features that are now available to us.

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Simply put, Facebook Business Manager is now a fully native tool available for all sites. It can be used to manage your ads, your pages, communicate with agencies (or, if you’re an agency, with clients) and take advantage of in-depth features like setting your pixels or customizing windows custom referral for your Facebook. . Advertisement Here you can manage accounts, check brand safety issues, manage events, create product catalogs, and save images and videos for your sites.

If you are in your first campaigns, you may want to click here to learn how to set up your Facebook ad account, Facebook page and manage your business. If you want to dig deeper into how Facebook Business Manager works. Just keep reading

It’s much easier to manage all of these in one place from one menu than to spread across multiple portals, and agencies and multi-site businesses can use Business Manager to manage all of their sites or the sites of their clients and advertising accounts.

At this point you may be overwhelmed by the dozens of options available, but don’t worry, you don’t have to use all the tools at once, some are not used at all. Others you only need to access once (for example, to set your tracking pixel if you don’t need to change it later) or may never need to be accessed again.

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If you ever get stuck, just use the search bar at the top of your account and now, you will find all your available tools, ad campaigns, ad sets and ads all in one place.

There are six main reasons you want to use Facebook Business Manager. If you’re still not convinced you need a tool, let’s take a look at each one.

In our humble opinion, the practical requirement to use the tool is a great reason to do so.

In the last quarter of 2018, Facebook began mandating Business Manager for all accounts that use custom audiences created from email lists.

Move A Personal Fb Ad Account Into Business Manager In 9 Easy Steps

Any advertiser who wants to maximize performance should use custom email audiences, for example, to attract potential customers or encourage customers to make repeat purchases.

Although audiences can also be created based on pixel events, these audiences only last for 180 days, while email audiences can be used forever.

So if you want to get the most out of your ads, you should go for Facebook Business Management.

Without Facebook Business Manager, it’s difficult to separate a personal Facebook profile from the business assets they control.

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This has probably happened to you: Your employees want to keep their personal information separate, and it becomes difficult to add more employees to each property.

This led to companies not using Business Manager and creating “grey accounts” where they create a fake personal profile with a common login for all employees.

We’ve seen Facebook disable fake profiles that were preventing businesses from accessing their Facebook pages and ad accounts.

Fortunately they were able to restore access, but this is a huge risk that can easily be avoided by switching to Business Manager.

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As we mentioned in the first part, there are dozens of types of assets and tools, and they all need to be integrated with each other to work properly.

If you ever have technical issues, the first thing Facebook Business Support will likely ask is if you’re using Business Manager.

Do you want to switch to Business Manager now when you can plan a smooth transition, or would you rather switch in a hurry while dealing with technical issues now?

If you only have one Facebook Page and one ad account, importing them into Facebook Business Manager is easy. However, over time, the number of assets of your company tends to expand rapidly.

Why Do I Have To Login From A Personal Facebook Account?

Maybe you started an Instagram account, then created a Facebook Pixel, then added some new employees, etc.

Even with multiple assets, determining which employee needs which level of asset access can be complicated.

In extreme cases, we have seen franchises trying to move 100 Facebook pages, 100 ad accounts, and hundreds of employees to a Business Manager, which becomes a complex and time-consuming project.

If you switch now, it will be much easier than a more complicated transition in the future.

How To Use Facebook Ads Manager

The marketing industry is very turnover driven, and most agencies are hired for occasional short-term projects. Over time, this can create security risks because former employees still have access.

With all assets, employees and agencies in one portal, a monthly audit can be done to ensure that only the right people have the correct levels of access.

The key here is to have an employee in charge of managing the Facebook business and scheduling a monthly review.

Every time we take on a new client, we find that their employee and agency rosters need spring cleaning, using Business Manager is not enough, you have to be intentional about doing a monthly review.

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Facebook Business Manager includes a security center where you can require two-step authentication for all employees (recommended) and also helps with auditing by notifying you when employees are inactive.

Facebook Business Manager is not only free to use, but also gives you access to enterprise level tools that are now free for all Facebook advertisers.

For example, there is a Facebook analytics tool where you can create an Event Source Group (ESG) consisting of pixels, pages, and apps, which allows you to aggregate multiple data sources together. Combine one analytics dashboard:

Convinced you need to get started with Facebook Business Manager right away? The following section will get you started in six easy steps and show you some tricks to increase your advertising results.

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Just follow the instructions in the next few sections to get your Facebook Ads, Facebook Page, and Facebook Business Manager account ready to bring in new customers in six easy steps!

Next, create your Facebook Business Manager account by entering your business name. This name will be visible to everyone and cannot contain special characters (sorry, scared hipsters).

After signing in, you’ll be taken directly to the Business Manager app, which looks something like this:

The first step is to create or “claim” your Facebook business page and advertising accounts.

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If you already have a Facebook business page or ad account, you should now see it in the middle of your page.

When you start Business Manager for the first time, you are given the option to add new accounts, request access to other promotional numbers, and create new promotional accounts. You can also request access or create new pages. Here, you can basically manage everything related to your business manager.

You can get started with ad accounts, pages and people here. They have made these options very simple so it should be clear what to do next (ie “create page” for first time visitors or “request page” if you already have one, etc.).

The ad account options will be located in the top row under Business Manager Settings. take a look

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