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Post To Instagram And Snapchat At The Same Time

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Post To Instagram And Snapchat At The Same Time

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Parents constantly ask me about their children and their participation in social media. Among other things, they want to know which app or website their kids should start with. I can recommend some that are designed specifically for young eyes and ears, but they are not as popular as those adopted by mankind. If your child has a phone, they really want to be on Snapchat or Instagram. These are the most popular right now, with Facebook and Twitter losing steam, at least among teenagers. And if you have the option of introducing your child to one or the other — perhaps getting his proverbial feet wet with the whole “social networking” experience — I strongly believe it should be … Snapchat. Here is my reasoning:

Photos, videos and chat messages (Snaps) on Snapchat are sent by you to your friends in a personal capacity. That is, create the content you want to share, and then you must personally select one or more people from your friends list to send it directly. If they want to reply, they will reply directly with their own image, video or chat message. No one else – unless you also specifically chose to post it to your public story – will see it (I don’t have space to explain how this works here, but I’ve detailed it in a previous blog). ). The thing is, you don’t have a “public” profile for others to check out and “infiltrate” your life (as they can on other websites and apps, including Instagram). There is no peanut gallery to judge the content you submit by giving or withholding “likes” and comments. There is also no easy and acceptable way to share it with others. And the person you are

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Sending to will likely not capture it and use it against you, as it is again a conversation

This greatly reduces the potential for various forms of online harassment because your content isn’t available for a larger audience to see, rate, share, and hang out on, like Instagram (or Facebook or Twitter). The dominant mode of communication is one-to-one and private (except for the less frequently used story feature). Even though you have hundreds of friends in your Snapchat contact list, you don’t send the same thing to many people (and if you do, it’s boring and boring and everyone will wonder why you didn’t post it on your story. When they want then they can see).

It’s possible that you might choose to friend someone you don’t really know and send them a direct Snap that they can use against you – but most of our kids are smarter than we think. They usually don’t make this mistake and instead intentionally communicate with people they know and trust on Snapchat. When I use the app, I’m usually just living and seeing or doing something that I want to share with someone in particular, so I send them a snapshot (often with cute captions and emojis!). . If I want to brag about it and give all my friends the ability to see it, I’ll post it to my story – and they can check it out if (and only if) they want. But I’m picky about it, and the Stories feature isn’t the best part of Snapchat. Instead, they are personal messages that can share the remarkable or incredible moments of my life. And that’s what makes it special and more personal, because the recipient knows that the snap was just for them, and not sent out of any desire for recognition and support (likes, comments, shares, retweets, etc.) from the public.

Personal messages on Snapchat also keep kids from getting caught up in the popularity contests we see on Instagram (and Facebook and other forms of social media), where many people seem desperate for the attention and love attached to their posted photos and videos. I mean, I’m an adult, and I definitely want people to like everything I post on Instagram, and that drives me to make sure every post is as perfect as possible.

How To Post Instagram Videos On Snapchat And Vice Versa?

However, it forces me to take seven selfies in different lights and at different angles before I get the best selfie to send. This allows me to use smart and fun hashtags that, ideally, will lead to other people finding and following my account. It keeps me waiting for new Instagram notifications and checks every few minutes to see if I have any new likes or comments, allaying my fears that what I’ve posted isn’t cool or engaging. And it makes me check how many followers I have, and do everything I can to get that number higher and higher. This is because I have deluded myself into thinking that the more followers I have, the more I will be admired, liked and loved by others.

This is a terrible way to live. And I’m so sick of it. And I don’t want my kids (or any kid who is naturally impressionable and sensitive at this stage) to grow up in an environment where their presence and visibility on social media values ​​them and instills value in them. There is no way. Instead, I want their value to come not from the (faltering and desirable) perceptions and evaluations of their peers, but from who they are becoming as people and what their future will be because of their character and abilities. They develop. You can avoid a lot of that on Snapchat, which is a big plus. And if you talk to teenagers, they will tell you that this is one of the main reasons they love the app and are also tired of Instagram.

Unlike Instagram (and Twitter and Facebook etc.), Snapchat has no search function. I like this. I can’t find other people’s content. On Instagram, everyone carefully creates and curates their images, then uploads and hashtags them for others to find, discover and see (obviously, for more likes, comments and visibility). This in itself is not a problem. However, parents should know that it is very easy to find highly inappropriate photos and videos on Instagram using the Explore feature.

If you use the right hashtags or search for the right people on Instagram, you can find an unlimited supply of nudity, sexual positions, drug and alcohol use and abuse, and very adult (and often offensive or even pornographic) content. I don’t want to scare you with this because your child can do the same thing on Google or other search engines. I’m just saying that, if I had a kid who was just starting out on social media, I wouldn’t want him to be exposed to online content that doesn’t reflect the values ​​I’m trying to raise him with. contradict.

How Often Should You Post On Instagram For Success? (2022)

I recommend Snapchat over Instagram for these three main reasons. As a parent, you might think that Snapchat — with its disappearing messages — will promote sexting and the sharing of private, sexual content among young people that adults need to see and be “in the loop.” While we haven’t collected quantitative data on the proportion of appropriate, normal, pro-social, and neutral content uploaded to Snapchat that is inappropriate, all of my extensive skill research shows that it’s almost everything kids upload to the app. Completely harmless, mostly uninteresting and totally random. Ask around, and I’m sure you’ll hear the same thing. Or start using Snapchat with some kids you know and see for yourself.

Snapchat, to me, is just better than Instagram. I know there were times when I acted completely silly and laughed until I cried because of image and video filters (like changing your voice

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