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Sign In Into Google Account


Sign In Into Google Account – Sign in with Google helps you quickly and easily manage user loyalty and access to your website. Users log in to a Google account, provide permission, and securely share their information with your platform.

Registration refers to the steps to obtain the permission of the Google Account holder to share their information with your platform. Usually, a new account is created on your site with this shared data, but this is not a requirement.

Sign In Into Google Account

Signing in means signing the user into the Google Account using the login button or clicking and logging in automatically for users who are already logged into their account from Google.

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If your site already uses an existing Google login button, switching to the new Google login button is easy and offers several advantages:

To obtain an access token for use with Google APIs or to load additional user data, you must call the Google Identity Services Authorization API. This is a separate JavaScript API, but bundled together with the Authentication API.

If your site needs to call the authentication and authorization fields, you will need to call them separately at different times. During authentication, a one-tap and/or custom button is displayed to allow users to login or register to your site. Later, when data is about to be loaded from Google, call the Permissions API to request permissions and receive access tokens to access the data. This classification is subject to our advanced consent procedures, where consent is requested in certain circumstances.

To enforce this separation, the Authentication API can only return the identification tokens used to access your site, while the Authentication API can only return codes or access tokens used only to access data but not to log in.

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As a result of this division, users will have a consistent authentic experience for all websites, which can lead to increased trust and use of users, and ultimately the conversion rate of the user to your site.

A JavaScript library is included on your site and HTML or JavaScript is used to customize the shape of the custom button and the one-click and auto-close functions.

For the Google sign-in activation to work, you must have Google activation active in the browser. One tap and automatic login is enabled only if users log into Google before your web pages are loaded. With the Button and Google flow, users are asked to sign in to Google when the button is clicked, and a Google active session is created:

If they haven’t already done so, users who visit your site will be asked to agree to share their Google account information with your app.

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If users have logged into your app and given permission, a custom button will be displayed, and clicking the button will take users to your site.

Automatic login is only an option if the user has previously given permission. If you enable automatic login, returning users will be presented with a pop-up dialog for a short period of time to allow them to cancel the login process before sharing an identity token with your app. Visitors or first time users who have opted out of sharing their profile with your app will be presented with a click dialog.

After user authorization, a JSON Web Token (JWT) containing the user’s name, email, and user photo is distributed via a JavaScript callback handle or directed to your backend service.

The user’s access to their Google Account and your app are independent of each other, except at the time of login if you know that the user is honest and successfully logged into your Google Account. Users can continue to sign in, sign out, or switch to another Google Account while logging in and working on your site.

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Users can turn off one-click and automatic sign-in globally, or opt out of sharing their account history by visiting at any time.

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Chrome Sync Will Soon Be Optional For Google Account Sign Ins

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Gmail makes it easy not only to access your emails, but also to connect to other Google services such as Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Calendar, etc.

What’s even better is that you can perform actions, like adding an event to your calendar or sharing a Google Doc, through your Gmail account.

On your mobile device, you’re usually automatically signed in to Gmail. However, if you log out or delete the app, here’s how to log in.

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2. Click the Sign In button at the bottom of the screen. If you already have an email account connected to the app and want to add another account, just tap your picture in the upper right corner, then click Add another account.

You can check the box next to “Remember me” to stay signed in to your Gmail account on your device.

To sign in to Gmail on a Mac or PC, go to and enter your account’s email address (or the phone number associated with it) when prompted, then enter your password. Tick ​​the box next to “Remember me” if you want to save. You are automatically logged in.

And if you sign up for a public or shared item, don’t forget to sign out of Gmail when you’re done for the day.

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