Subscriptions Not Showing Up On Youtube

Subscriptions Not Showing Up On Youtube – For both viewers and creators, YouTube comments can provide valuable information Comments can help creators know whether consumers like their content while viewers like to add their opinions to the video. YouTube is a community and the comments section is a popular part of what makes it so popular

Sometimes comments don’t load properly or aren’t displayed at all This can lead to an unpleasant experience for YouTube users Fortunately, there are several things you can do to remedy the situation In this article, we won’t show you how to fix YouTube comments

Subscriptions Not Showing Up On Youtube

There are two ways to watch YouTube videos on your Android: using the YouTube app or your web browser. If you find that comments aren’t showing up, try switching to another display method If that doesn’t solve the problem, there are other things you can do as described below

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The problem of comments not showing may be due to the old version of the Android app.Upgrading to the latest version can solve this problem. To know how to do this, follow these steps:

Clearing your Android’s cache and cookies may not fix YouTube comments. To remove them, do the following:

There are two ways to watch YouTube videos on your iPhone The most popular method is to download the YouTube app, but you can also use your iPhone’s web browser. If YouTube comments aren’t showing up, you can try switching between the app and the browser If that fails, here are some tips to get comments back up

Running very recent app versions may cause feedback to not display correctly To check if you have the latest version, follow these steps:

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Sometimes YouTube comments don’t appear due to the amount of data stored in your iPhone’s cache and cookies. You can clear your cache and cookies by doing the following:

The likely culprit for comments not showing up on your iPad is usually one of two things. The first is that you’re using an older version of the YouTube app, or there’s too much cache and cookie data stored. Both are easily remedied

Why aren’t comments showing using an older version of the YouTube app? If you want to see if the version you’re running is the most up-to-date, follow these steps:

Clearing your device’s cache and cookies sometimes solves the problem. To delete this data, follow the instructions below:

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Several things can prevent it from appearing if you’re using the Chrome browser to watch YouTube videos Each is easily fixed Try some of these solutions if you’re having trouble with comments

Sometimes the solution is to refresh the page If there is a flicker when the page loads, it may mean that the comments section is not loading correctly You can reload the page by doing the following:

Some browser extensions can prevent websites from opening properly. You can disable them and try reloading the page to see if the comments section is displayed. To do this, follow these steps:

If you’re trying to leave a comment on a video, but after posting it, it’s not showing, it might be due to YouTube’s algorithm. Below are some of the reasons why your listing may be blocked immediately

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If you have posted the same comment multiple times, the algorithm will consider it spam and prevent it from showing. This can also happen if other users have marked your comments or comments as spam

YouTube doesn’t like it when users post comments with links that direct users to an external website. If your comment has a link that takes the user outside of YouTube, the algorithm will likely remove it.

YouTube is a family-friendly platform and foul language or hate speech of any kind is not tolerated. If you’ve used a slightly off-color word or phrase in your comment, it will probably get blocked, regardless of context.

Some YouTube creators do not allow comments to be posted until they review them Posts may be moderated for all comments or contain only certain words Unfortunately, you will not receive a notification if your comment is under review

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Comments appearing on a YouTube video happen occasionally Viewers are using an old app or need to refresh the page In some cases, clearing the cache and cookies does the trick However, if your specific comment is not appearing, it may be because the YouTube Community Guidelines have not been followed.

Having trouble showing YouTube comments? Did you solve it using some of the suggestions in this article? Let us know in the comments section below

Disclaimer: Some pages on this site may contain affiliate links This does not affect our editorial in any way Although YouTube videos are very entertaining, the comment section is the cherry on top This is a great way to interact with others viewers as you share your thoughts and reactions to the video However, there are times when the comments section doesn’t seem to load, and this can frustrate a If you’re also facing this problem, check out these ten ways to fix YouTube comments not loading appear on iPhone and Android.

While we have an article about YouTube comments not showing up in Chrome, this one focuses on the YouTube app on iPhone and Android devices. The following methods are very easy to use and we are sure that you can get back to the comments section of the YouTube app. First, let’s understand why you can’t see comments on a YouTube video

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You may not be able to see comments on YouTube for a number of reasons, usually a poor network connection The connection simply does not have enough bandwidth to load the comments section, as your first choice is to load the main content of the video.

However, that’s not the only reason. It could also be that YouTube’s servers are down or there’s a problem with your phone’s software. Whatever the reason, we’ve got several fixes to help you find the root cause of YouTube comments that won’t load on your phone and fix it. Go to the next section

You can easily solve this problem by switching to a better network connection Changing account or updating the YouTube app also fixed the problem Below we list all the possibilities Also there are times when YouTube is also down so let’s start checking why can’t you see comments in youtube app.

When YouTube crashes, it’s rare, and when it does, it rarely seems to work. One such forgettable day for YouTube was October 16, 2018, when it was up for over an hour. This event also carries over to YouTube Music and YouTube TV

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That said, there’s nothing you can do about it but wait for the Google folks to restore it However, you can check YouTube’s server status on Downtaker

Given how dependent people are on YouTube, you’ll also hear news of an outage as users share their frustrations on social media.

Since YouTube has to upload a lot of things besides the video, you must have a good internet connection to upload the comments. Whether you’re connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data, you need good signal strength and an active plan to access YouTube properly.

Also, you can check your internet speed and if you see low numbers, it’s time to check with your service provider. is a simple internet speed checker, so we recommend using it to check your speed.

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Sometimes a strange error can occur that affects your Google account while signed in to YouTube. While there’s no way to pinpoint exactly what it is, changing your YouTube account is one way to try to fix YouTube comments.

Step 4: Once you add a new account, it will appear under “Other Accounts” Select the new account you want to switch to

If your comments are still not visible on the YouTube video, you can try re-uploading the video you are watching.

Here’s how you can re-upload the video in the YouTube app if you can’t see the comments below the video.

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Step 1: Tap the video to view the playback controls and tap the down arrow to minimize the video.

This method solved the problem of comments not appearing on videos and we hope it solves it for you too If not, don’t worry Go to the next fix

If the above methods don’t work, you can try restarting your device Once your device is powered on, you can open YouTube to see if you can see comments (or others) made on a video.

Most Android devices show the power menu while you long press the power button. Then use the reset option to restart your device

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Although Apple devices lack this feature, a good way to clear the junk in an app is to clear the cache on your Android device. YouTube, like all other applications on the Internet, accumulates