These Are Investments And Businesses That You Can Run When You Retire

These Are Investments And Businesses That You Can Run When You Retire – When I catch a cold, I choose not to catch it. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it’s been working for me for a few years now. And I think talking about a recession is kind of like a nasty virus because it can be contagious.

Media reports of the credit crunch, rising bills and declining spending paint a picture of doom and gloom. Are you infected?

These Are Investments And Businesses That You Can Run When You Retire

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that many people, both consumers and businesses, are having a tougher time. I also believe that we as business owners have a decision to make; accept all the negative reports, participate in the recession and accept its dire consequences.

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Or choose not to participate. Decide on actions that will strengthen us and our business.

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I was talking to a close friend and entrepreneur. And we realized that we both came out of the previous recession stronger than we expected.

Why did we live too well? Because we both avoid… The biggest mistakes companies often make during a recession.

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When I say actively, as you’ve probably guessed, I mean marketing. Being seen as a vibrant, business-friendly company is essential to its survival, not to mention its growth and success during the economic downturn.

However, as business slows and order books begin to decline, the thought of investing in advertising and marketing is off-putting to many. The mindset is, “We can’t afford to spend on advertising and marketing!”

Why is this happening when the reality is “They can afford NOT to spend?” During a recession, the best investment is to improve your marketing.

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I think the reason some entrepreneurs think that way is that they don’t know two specific areas…

Measuring your marketing costs against the value of the sales you attract is the only way you can be sure you’ll always be in control of your business. If you have this regulation, you can ride out a recession when it comes.

There’s only one way to make sure your marketing spend, whether it’s time or money, is a good investment… just use direct response marketing in your letters, ads, websites, newsletters and flyers. Prepare them to drive direct action from your target audience. And look at the responses you get. As with any investment, you need to measure your marketing. It is the best investment for a company during a recession

During a recession, you decide to place an ad in a local publication that targets your specific market as a better investment.

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You create a direct response ad and add a unique code so you can measure the response to that ad on that question in that post.

The publisher says it has 25,000 readers and says, “It only costs 2 cents to reach each reader!” It would be a fantastic investment if these readers are real prospects and have a high probability of responding. You only wish!

The only number that matters to you is how many people act and respond to your ad.

Your ad is displayed and 10 questions have been received. Now you know it cost you $50 for each question. Let’s say you convert half to sales. You have 5 new customers, each costing $100 to acquire. (The price of the ad divided by the number of new customers.)

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The next point is what many companies base their future marketing decisions on. And this is where they often go wrong.

At first glance, you may decide, “No!” if immediate sale, the first sale does not bring a high enough profit to cover the cost of advertising. The real question should be, “What is the profit value of all the subsequent sales I will make to this new customer?”

If you want to thrive during a downturn, you need a strong and efficient tracking system; sometimes called back end. When your new customer makes a purchase, especially if you have delivered a good product or service, they will be more open to consider other products or services that you offer. Add them to your first sale and you will find that the best investment during a recession does not drain your resources!

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Multiply these two numbers and you have a clear idea of ​​the true value of your new customer (sometimes called lifetime value).

Let’s be conservative here and say the profit on the first sale is only $80. This means you lose $20 for every new sale. At first glance, this ad does not seem to be worth posting again. And as I said, many entrepreneurs base their decisions on this.

But if you have a strong following and you know that your customer’s additional purchases will generate an average profit of $100 each, and they will typically buy 6 more times over a two-year period, your total potential profit is $680. Subtract the original customer acquisition cost ($100) and this gives you an average expected profit of $580 per customer.

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Starting a business at any time can be scary, but during a recession it can be the best investment, as long as you’ve found the right market:

1] Research your target market. DO people WANT what you have to offer or do you just think they NEED your product/service? People buy what they want, but they don’t always buy what they need.

2] Marketing is key BUT it has to be the right marketing. It is very easy to spend a fortune and get little or no results. For a small business, the direct response style of marketing is the only viable course of action because the results can be closely measured and focused on the activity that generates sales.

3] Time management: it is essential to maintain balance in your lifestyle. It’s all too easy for business to take over your life and strain your home and relationships. And it can also affect your health.

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4] Finances – Stay on top of your cash flow. This can be the hardest aspect of running your own business…getting people to pay your bills. Make your payment terms clear when you agree to do business with someone.

5] Finances: Put money aside. It’s tempting to spend everything you bring in, but I highly recommend opening a high-interest account and transferring 10% of your income. Increase your referral rate to 22% as your business grows. And don’t touch it. This will give you the money you need when your tax bill arrives and save you the stress of finding money to pay your bills. Starting a new business can be expensive. In addition to business fees, licenses and registrations, you will also need to purchase equipment and materials. This can mean a lot of money out of pocket, but with the right savings and investment strategies, you can start a business with minimal financial stress.

Investing is a challenge for many people. Because investments involve certain types of risk, starting an investment plan can be intimidating. Fortunately, there are many tips and tricks you can use to start saving and investing money to open your dream business. Here’s some help to get you started.

If you want to invest your money, you have to save it first. Look for different areas of your personal expenses that you can cut so that you can save more money to invest in your business. It can even be as simple as making coffee at home instead of going to a coffee shop.

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Create a budget for yourself to help you stay on track. Eliminate any frivolous expenses that don’t matter, like a gym membership you don’t use or canceling a cable subscription if you mostly stream your shows. Any money you would spend in these areas now should go into savings that you can invest later.

Mutual funds are a simple investment tool for beginners. With a wide range of mutual funds to choose from, there is something for everyone. With different risk levels, you can find a mutual fund in which you can comfortably invest.

Investing in mutual funds is also a good idea because its shares are easy to buy and sell. Without the long-term commitment to other forms of investment

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