What Music Can I Use On Youtube Without Copyright

What Music Can I Use On Youtube Without Copyright – If you’re looking for copyright-free music for your YouTube videos, you probably don’t want to monetize your videos or get a copyright strike.

Something we’ve encountered dozens of times over the past few years: licensed royalty-free music pulled from multiple music libraries on YouTube.

What Music Can I Use On Youtube Without Copyright

There are many royalty free music websites out there but a few weeks ago one called Tony Tank caught my eye. They present their own music and do not claim any rights to YouTube. Besides having to worry about all the legal stuff, the music library is also free.

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All you have to do is enter the title, author and link in your video description.

Besides all the technicalities of copyright free music, the library is quite large and even though the music is free, it really doesn’t sound like most free music you can find on the web.

If you click on the first one, you will see different categories. I’m looking for an intense soundtrack for a travel show trailer. I’m going to select “Cinematic” and then “Travel” in the subcategory. There are more than 120 tracks in this category alone. Of course not all will fit the dramatic style I’m looking for but let’s listen to some songs.

Once I find the music I like, I have to copy a link to credit the author. Be sure to save it as a text file so you can insert it into the video description later. Tunetank will also email you with instructions if you’re not sure what to do.

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The good thing about audio files is that you don’t have to download a low-quality preview file with an audio watermark first, but can immediately get a high-quality version. If you later decide to choose a different track, you can still do so.

If you forgot to mention the music information in the video description when you uploaded the file on the Tunetank website and go to the “Whitelisting” tab. All you have to do is copy and paste the link of the concerned video and after some time the claim will be removed and the video can be monetized.

There are many other music selections on Tunetank. For example, if you go to the “Genres” tab, you can find everything from “Action” to “Classic” and “World”. There is even a “Trailer” genre which would have been another way to find the right music for a travel show trailer that I played in the past. If you’re not sure which music works best, you can add different tracks to your “favorites” by clicking the “star” icon and decide later.

If you’re not sure which type or category is best for your video, you can also go to the “Mode” tab. You can choose one mood, for example “Happy”, but also several moods, such as “Happy” and “Energizing”.

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A common problem with other music libraries is that they offer the same tracks. We are actually having issues with some videos that we licensed a few years ago but seem to have been claimed by multiple music agencies. Each agency claims the rights to the music so if the music is available through 5 agencies it can be claimed 5 times. Submitting a reply manually every time is no fun at all, especially when there are more than 300 videos. Fortunately, Tunetank only uses exclusive music. This means that the tracks are only in their library.

Tony Tank also offers a pro version that includes sound effects, extra music, but most importantly, you can whitelist your entire channel. This means you don’t have to manually release each claim. Of course, this feature isn’t free, but at less than $8 a month, it’s not exactly expensive either. There is nothing worse than making a good video and not finding good music for it. Well… maybe even worse: spend time, energy, and money creating a killer video, only to have the music copyright holder collect all the revenue, mute your video, or block your creation entirely. So now I bet you want to know how to get out of copyright on YouTube and how to avoid copyright claims?

Music copyright is possibly the biggest cause of YouTube copyright claims. But you have to understand first. YouTube will not decide whether to claim copyright on your video. YouTube enforces copyright law by allowing copyright owners to claim any content that uses their copyrighted material without permission.

YouTube has a system to do this called Content ID. Think of Content ID as the modernized version of Shazam. Just as Shazam scans your environment for sounds that match its database, Content ID scans the sound of every video uploaded to YouTube. If any part of a video’s soundtrack matches audio files registered in the Content ID database, it can trigger a copyright claim.

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, they can register the song with Content ID. Then this content is in the ID database. You might want to use a song in your video, but Content ID will now be able to detect if you do.

After a copyright owner registers their copyright with Content ID, YouTube regularly sends out a virtual police force to look for unauthorized use. So, if you have uploaded a video

If you find that you are in violation of copyright law, you may receive a copyright claim on your video. This is the place

If you decide to ignore all the warning signs and use copyrighted music without permission, prepare yourself for the consequences. Your video will be flush with the ground. Unlimited.

How Much Of A Song Can You Use On Youtube Without Copyright?

When a content owner becomes aware that you have used their work without permission, they may choose to do one of the following:

As we mentioned earlier, YouTube does not copyright the music itself, it enforces the copyright that artists own on their songs. If they don’t, artists and labels themselves will follow YouTube and Google. Just as YouTube creators need to get paid if someone else uses their content, music artists want to get paid when someone else uses their work.

Maybe you see yourself as a nimble operator who can pull off some neat schemes to avoid paying for music on YouTube. Unfortunately, attempts to spoof God’s Content ID are rarely successful. It’s like trying to get out of an earthquake after coming home at 3am with a dented car. It does not happen. Even if you temporarily escape a breach, YouTube’s algorithms are constantly becoming more sophisticated, and you’re bound to get caught eventually.

How many times have you seen a YouTube creator say they don’t own the rights to the song they’re using? Very. How often does it work? zero

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Unfortunately, this strategy is useless. Think of it this way: If you walked into a shoe store, grabbed a pair, and walked out the door, admitting that you claim no rights to the shoes, would that work? Absolutely not. You don’t need to say that you don’t own any rights to the song, the copyright holder already knows that. At this point, you’re just advertising that you’re using the music illegally.

It also doesn’t work to give credit to the content owners when they use copyrighted material, although you may have to if you obtain a license.

With everyone and their mother becoming a hobbyist music producer these days, you’ll have no problem finding someone who can rip off a copyrighted song so it’s just a sound.

The alternative is that Content ID will not recognize the audio after it has changed so little.

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First, as a creator, you are clearly ignoring the rights of other creators. It is one thing to be unfamiliar with copyright law, but quite another to commit blatant copyright infringement.

Second, distortion can degrade audio quality and ruin your viewers’ experience, making them less likely to watch your content again and less likely to like or subscribe.

Finally, as we said before, Content ID just keeps getting better and better. YouTube is aware of these tricks and is constantly improving its algorithm to catch this type of use. New algorithms can often recognize altered versions of original songs. If you’ve just gotten away, it’s only a matter of time before you know it.

This is just a fool’s errand. If you’re thinking of “just playing two seconds” of a track because it won’t make any claim, you’re playing with fire. And for what, really? Is it worth monetizing your entire video for 2 seconds of audio?

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The above three methods, while intended to avoid copyright infringement, are still likely to result in legal action from content owners. If you want to know how to avoid copyright claims on YouTube, the answer is simple: either don’t use one or actually

. Did you know it’s not that hard to get permission to use the real deal?