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Which Internet Is Available In My Area

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Finding the best internet provider for your small business can be just as overwhelming, if not impossible, as finding a website for your office. What should you consider when choosing a provider (if you have one in your area)? But how much do you need? We answer these and many other questions to make this important search less disruptive to your business.

Which Internet Is Available In My Area

Here are some questions to ask yourself before deciding on an Internet Service Provider (ISP) for your small business.

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We’ve included some popular US ISPs in this article, but depending on where your business is located, you may not have many options. With all the ISPs listed here, you can go to their websites and enter your zip code to check availability.

If you only have a few workers and equipment, you can work perfectly with 50 Mbps (megabit per second) speed. Ten or more employees who regularly use the Internet will likely increase your speed to 100 Mbps or more.

However, the number of users you have is only one factor to consider when deciding what speed you need. You should also consider the type of web services your business uses. But the low volume is very good if all you need is email and web feed. But you need to increase your bandwidth if you have large files, internet sharing or use cloud-based applications.

All of the ISPs in this article offer bundled phone and Internet service packages. In many cases, this can save you a lot of money. Bundles allow you to do all your networking and calling needs without the hassle of multiple factories. It also allows you to manage your services from one account and you will only have one company to contact for support.

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We selected our top picks based on a number of factors, including coverage/availability, speed, different plans, uptime, pricing, servers and more.

While Verizon offers basic broadband Internet service in 40+ states nationwide, speeds are limited to 15 Mbps, and most companies need more juice. And if you’re in the East, you can enjoy high speed with their fiber optic services (called FiOS). FiOS, with fast downloads and fast downloads, is ideal for companies that need a lot of video conferencing, business and business. online data backup.

Their FiOS plans start at $67/month for 100 Mbps for a 1-year contract (and you can add a digital voice line for $25/month). But if you go with a two-year contract, you can save even more and get extra perks like no usage fees, prepaid Visa cards and big discounts on internet and voice packages.

Verizon FiOS 10 serves Southeast with coverage greater than New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. They also offer DSL coverage in 11 states along the east coast.

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We switched to FiOS for our online service after being with Comcast and we’re glad we did! Comcast has had frequent outages and spotty connections in our area (not to mention terrible customer service), but we’ve never had an issue with speed or FiOS service in two years. The technicians who helped with everything were very friendly and the whole process was a lot of fun. – Sadie, Marketing at Ons Web Your Web

AT&T offers a variety of fiber and DSL Internet plans for small businesses, starting at $60 per month for 25 Mbps download speed. You can measure your speed up to 500 Mbps with DSL if you don’t have fiber in your area (and up to 1,000 Mbps with fiber). Their prices are consistent across the country, but the price is expensive for high-speed plans compared to other service providers.

All AT&T Internet deals include robust security with anti-spyware, anti-virus and firewall. They also offer internet and phone packages for businesses (and DIRECTV packages). AT&T is available in 36 states, with the most coverage in the Southeast and Midsouth (13 states).

Comcast, a well-known cable and Internet provider, has several high-speed, reliable business plans whose coverage is widespread and prices are competitive compared to other big players like Verizon and AT&T. Their plans start at $69.95/month for 35 Mbps, but the best deal is $99.95/month for 300 Mbps.

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Comcast is located in 39 states with extensive coverage in the Mid-Atlantic, Pacific Northwest, California, Florida and Illinois.

If you don’t want to be locked into a long-term contract, Spectrum Business, a division of Charter Communications, is the only business ISP in our review that offers month-to-month with no upfront cancellation fees.

Spectrum is also a great value — their low-cost plan is $59.99 for cable internet speeds of 200 Mbps. And you can save even more if you collect by voice (but contracts require long packages). Image Business is present in 44 states with a major presence in Ohio, New York and North Carolina.

It’s a good choice for small businesses that don’t need a lot of juice, with DSL prices starting at $33 for 12 Mbps. But their maximum DSL speed is only 25 Mbps. They also offer affordable plans like Verizon’s fiber optic network, starting at $49.99 for 30 Mbps.

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Unfortunately, this company is known for poor customer service. Frontier is located in 35+ counties with extensive coverage in the Great Lakes, Virginia, Texas and the West.

Be sure to read our review of these other popular business ISPs that can provide services in your area.

One of the largest residential Internet sites, CenturyLink DSL, offers widespread coverage for small businesses, but it tops out at 140 Mbps. Prices are higher than average, starting at $65 per month. However, unlike many other ISPs, you can choose a month-to-month plan.

CenturyLink also offers fiber in a few select areas with speeds up to 940 Mbps, but the price is higher compared to other companies. They serve 39 counties with extensive coverage in the West and Pacific Northwest.

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Cox offers cable broadband and fiber optic plans for limited businesses. Prices depend on where you live, with plans starting at $100 for 25 Mbps – well above average. But an advantage.

All plans include a free static IP address, internet security and solid protection with anti-spyware, anti-virus and firewall. Cox serves only 18 states with most information distributed in Arizona, California, Kansas and Virginia.

Viasat Exede is the second largest satellite internet service provider and a good choice for small rural companies that cannot access other ISPs. They offer speeds of up to 100 Mbps, but this may vary depending on your location. And all plans have data caps (even their “infinite” plans have soft caps, meaning when you use your data a lot, you can slow down).

Their cheapest metered internet plan is $50 per month for 1GB of data and 35Mbps download speed. And their cheapest “unlimited” plan is $175/month for 35Mbps with a soft cap of 75GB. If you have access to other ISPs, you can find cheaper elsewhere.

How To Find The Best Internet Provider In My Area?

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line): DSL delivers Internet over copper telephone lines and coverage is widespread across the country. It has higher latency and lower bandwidth than cable. DSL is the only form of wired internet in rural areas.

Cable Broadband: Cables deliver the Internet over coaxial television and have wide coverage across the country. It is faster and has lower latency than DS, L, but the speed can slow down during peak usage times because the bandwidth is shared with neighboring users.

Fiber optic: Delivers internet through fiber optic networks. This is the fastest and most reliable method of delivery. However, it has only 25% coverage across the country, mostly in urban areas.

Satellite: The only wireless Internet delivery system, satellite is often the only option for remote, rural areas. Aenean’s horrors are not even the needs of the children to even eclipse.

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If you don’t want to commit to internet and phone, be sure to read our article on the best VOIP services, which includes the best options for small businesses. And while some of our top ISPs include security software in this article, you always want to make sure you take other precautions. So check out our article on the best VPN services for small businesses to learn more.

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