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Why Does My Business Not Appear On Google Maps


Why Does My Business Not Appear On Google Maps – Some of our business customers ask, “Why aren’t my Google reviews showing up?” It is natural for them to ask. Chances are if you’re struggling with your Google My Business (GMB) listing, you’re not alone.

There are many explanations for the disappearance of Google comments, but most of them are related to one of two problems: problems with the GMB index or the structure of the comments.

Why Does My Business Not Appear On Google Maps

First, let’s start with why Google reviews are important. Making sure your Google reviews are displayed properly is important to your company’s online reputation. Developing and implementing your online review management strategy must also be a priority.

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Customer review data shows that Google has 57.5 percent of all reviews. Additionally, 64% of consumers check online reviews on Google before visiting a business.

In other words, Google is the first and only for most people who want to know if a brand is worth their time and money. Having a lot of reviews on your Google listing can be the social proof that people need to make purchasing decisions.

Losing a Google review can be due to changes or problems with the Google My Business program page. In some cases, you can make the necessary changes yourself to correct the situation. However, due to changes to the GMB platform, there are some cases where Google reviews are not visible.

A recent example of a change outside of a company’s control is Google’s disabling of reviews in the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic. The company worked with a small team, meaning that all listings were removed from Google’s reviews.

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Customers could not write or post new reviews, and businesses could not respond to comments on GMB listings. However, comments posted before Google temporarily disabled this post are still visible.

The full review feature returned at the end of May 2020. If one or more of your business listings are experiencing problems because reviews are still disabled due to pandemic changes, you can visit the COVID-19 GMB support page.

Regardless of the challenges you face, your business needs to be proactive in asking Google for a review. It helps make your brand unique and retain loyal customers, and is one of the easiest, yet most powerful ways to start adapting your business to uncertain times.

Bad listings don’t deter potential customers; it also reduces the number of Google reviews a business may receive after customers leave the store. Fortunately, you can easily change your listing information by editing it in GMB and using local listing management best practices.

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You can edit general information such as address, time and phone number by clicking on the “Details” section of the GMB panel.

You should also check if there are duplicate listings on Google for your location. This often causes Google to remove the review from your current listing, but it appears on alternative listings that you own or control.

You can check duplicate listings by visiting Google Maps and searching for your specific business name or address.

There are several ways to remove these duplicate listings, such as reporting them on Google Maps or removing the location via the GMB dashboard. Please take the time to go through the Google My Business verification process to avoid any problems.

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If a business changes its location but keeps the same name, Google must move the review to the new location on Google Maps.

However, if a business is closely related to a specific location, such as hotels, golf courses, or local attractions, Google may not automatically send comments.

If so, please submit a report to Google using the “Report a problem” link and provide information about your new business location. Note that moving to a new location may require you to review the listing.

Even an inactive Google listing can have a negative impact on a brand’s reputation. People who are not logged in to the Google My Business dashboard or do not show any activity such as updates, photos, comment responses may lose their approved status “after a long time”.

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Without verification, the business won’t appear on Google Search or Maps, meaning customers won’t see its reviews.

Google will try to contact you by email before canceling the status. If you lose your email and don’t see the list, you’ll need to contact support to recheck.

In the early days of a business, attracting customers can be difficult and listing on Google can help. However, it may take some time for users to see the comments that others have posted about your business.

Google may not show a full set of reviews on your business until at least five people have provided a review or rating. This is where having a strategy to ask customers for feedback can help. Also, don’t forget to learn how to respond to negative as well as positive customer feedback.

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It is very rare that the problem is related to Google. In the past, Google faced frequent problems that caused some businesses to lose their views on Google.

If the problem isn’t with your business listing, the problem may be with the review itself and how it’s written or sent. Unfortunately, in these cases, you don’t have much control over the appearance of your comments. What you can do is educate customers about best practices when writing any type of review.

Google remains aggressive in its fight against review spam to ensure the quality of the system. If you’re wondering why your Google review isn’t showing up, you may have violated Google’s review policy.

If regular users report a review as inappropriate, the review may also be lost. In such cases, Google will verify the review in question before removing it from the list.

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Google may also remove comments and responses that contain links or URLs. However, users can review what they originally wrote and quickly edit their Google My Business review to skip URLs and avoid Google’s digital ax.

Some brands have gone overboard by trying to buy Google reviews to improve their online reputation. Needless to say, this practice violates Google’s policies, which may result in your entire GMB listing being removed.

Instead of trying to buy fake reviews, be proactive and start asking for reviews. This improves search visibility and brand reputation; it also provides the insights needed to improve the customer experience.

Google used to import review data from business review sites like Yelp, Facebook and TripAdvisor and display it on local business listings. Suspended by Google, meaning that reviews from other sites that were listed on Google at the time are no longer available or will affect your business’s presence on Google.

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In some cases, Google will display some reviews from other popular websites in a section called “Web Reviews”. This is usually found in Google user reviews, but is generated by an algorithm and may not always be accurate.

In previous updates, Google users could mark comments as private to prevent others from seeing them. This option is no longer available. If you notice that there are no reviews, another possible reason is that the person has deleted the review. In this situation, there is not much you can do except hope that the customer will come back and give you another review.

If one or more Google reviews are missing from your business listing, it’s important to view the situation as an opportunity to continue receiving Google reviews from new customers.

Reviews are a key factor in increasing revenue and attracting and retaining customers. By continually soliciting feedback and improving the customer experience, your business can generate more feedback (in the right way) and build a 5-star brand on the Internet’s largest search engine and business discovery platform.

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